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Things To Be Careful Of In Isla Mujeres: 16 Essential Considerations!

Are you looking for what are the things to be careful of in Isla Mujeres while visiting? Don’t worry, you are in the right place! Isla Mujeres is a beautiful place with stunning beaches, tasty cuisine, and welcoming residents making this a perfect tourist destination.

However, it’s crucial to remain alert when traveling, as some threats exist. Let’s take a look at them!

Things To Be Careful Of In Isla Mujeres

1. Be On Time For The Ferry

Get up early and make it to the dock in time for the ferry to Isla Mujeres. There are often fewer people on the early boat, so it’s simpler to get a spot.

The island is crowded in the middle of the day, so getting there early is recommended to avoid the crowds. Children under the age of 12 can enter for half price and ticket prices are $18 one way and $25 round-trip ticket.

Important! The recommended arrival time is 15 minutes before the departure time. The first people in line for boarding get the best seats. The ferries leave on the hour, so if you miss one, you’ll have to wait an extra hour.

Be On Time For The Ferry in Isla Mujeres

Extra Tips

Listed below are some useful tips:

  • An All-Inclusive Isla Mujeres Catamaran Tour may be the most convenient and cost-effective way to spend a day on the island. Round-trip ferry transport, a meal, and an open bar are all included in the base price of $60.
  • Choose the Albatros Platinum Isla Mujeres Catamaran Tour if you want to treat yourself to a luxurious excursion. After using the platinum bundle, I can confidently state that it is worth the price premium.

2. Don’t Consume Tap Water

While it’s ok to have a shower with tap water on Isla Mujeres, drinking it might potentially lead to digestive problems due to the presence of germs. Therefore, you shouldn’t use the tap water in Isla Mujeres for anything, not even brushing your teeth.

Don't Consume Tap Water in Isla Mujeres

If you can’t bring your bottled water to the island, at least boil it before drinking it.

3. Protect Yourself from Sunlight and the Scorching Temperatures

The sun may be very intense, especially in the summer. That’s why it’s crucial to protect yourself from the sun and remain hydrated by drinking lots of water. Find some shade if you feel yourself becoming lightheaded or dizzy.

Protect Yourself from Sunlight and the Scorching Temperatures in Isla Mujeres

Extra tips

Let’s explore some helpful tips below:

  • Sunscreen can cost up to four times as much as it would in the United States on Isla Mujeres. Avoid unpleasant surprises on your trip by stocking up on sunscreen in advance.
  • One of the things to be careful of is to be sure to buy reef-safe sunscreen as the local authorities are very strict regarding the use of regular sunscreen. This is because regular sunscreen can be harmful to coral and marine life.

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4. Take Precautions While Swimming

Isla Mujeres’s white sand beaches and calm seas are popular tourist attractions. Take precautions and listen to locals or lifeguards if you plan on swimming.

Some simple safety tips are:

Take Precautions While Swimming
  • Wildlife: Keep an eye out for jellyfish and other water animals that can cause skin irritation if touched.
  • Water depth: Keep to waters that are shallow where you can easily reach the bottom if you can’t swim very well.
  • Water currents: Sometimes the tides of the ocean can become very strong. If you are caught in a current, try to swim parallel to the shoreline until you are out of the current.

5. Take Precautions against Mosquitoes

In all tropical areas, you may expect to encounter mosquitoes. The rainy season of Isla Mujeres, which typically lasts from May to October, is also when the island’s mosquito population peaks. Dengue fever, chikungunya virus, and the Zika virus are just a few of the diseases they may spread.

Here are some ways in which you can stay protected:

Take Precautions against Mosquitoes
  • Use repellants: Cover exposed skin and clothes with an insect repellent containing DEET, picaridin, or lemon eucalyptus oil.
  • Wear proper clothing: Protect your skin by wearing protective clothing such as long-sleeved shirts, trousers, and shoes.
  • Close doors and windows: Keep the doors and windows closed in your hotel room to keep mosquitoes out of your living quarters throughout the morning and evening when they are most active.
  • Use a net: While you’re sleeping, keep the mosquitoes away by using a net.
  • Don’t leave water uncovered: Empty any flower pots that may have collected water.

6. Keep Track of Your Whereabouts at all Times

Keeping track of your whereabouts is another one of the things to be careful of in Isla Mujeres:

  • Stay in locations with plenty of people and lights in the instance you get lost or need assistance.
  • Be careful and vigilant if you must travel to a remote area.
  • Be sure to save the phone numbers of all the local authorities, such as the police.
  • Always keep an eye on what people around you are doing, and trust your instincts if something appears odd.
  • Make sure you know how you’ll get back to the hotel before you leave, so you aren’t stuck in an unfamiliar place.
Keep Track of Your Whereabouts at all Times in Isla Mujeres

By adhering to these recommendations, you may help assure your safety and avoid possible hazards during your trip.

7. Be on the lookout for Pickpockets

While pickpocketing is less widespread on Isla Mujeres than it is on other islands, tourists should still be careful with their belongings. Credit cards are widely accepted, so you won’t have to bring a large amount of cash with you to Isla Mujeres.

8. Paying in Pesos isn’t always the Cheapest Option

Paying in the local currency can save your cash in most circumstances, particularly when you use a payment method that doesn’t impose a foreign transaction fee. However, the situation might not be that straightforward when visiting Isla Mujeres.

Paying in Pesos isn't always the Cheapest Option

The current currency rate is often not updated at hospitality establishments. Paying with American dollars instead of the local currency (the peso) may result in cost savings.

For example:

  • A room in a hotel that charges 4200 pesos would cost USD 200 at last year’s exchange rate of 1 USD = 21 pesos.
  • However, assuming the current exchange rate of 1 USD = 20 PES holds, then 210 USD is equivalent to 4200 PES.
  • Asking for payment in dollars results in a $200 total, whereas paying in pesos results in a $210 total for the same accommodation.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to pay in local currency or US dollars. Perhaps not for smaller purchases, but always for major ones.

9. Scams

Isla Mujeres is a popular tourist destination, so visitors should be cautious of the usual frauds that operate there:

Types of scams in Isla Mujeres
  • Expensive tours: Some tour operators may try to force you into booking with them by charging exorbitant costs or by other unfair means. Do your homework and schedule your trips in advance, and be skeptical of any unsolicited offers that sound too good to be true.
  • Counterfeit items: Be wary of merchants selling souvenirs or other products on the island, since they may try to pass them off as authentic.
  • Scams in taxis: You should be aware that some cab drivers may try to cheat you out of extra money by taking a more circuitous route or charging you more than agreed upon. It’s smart to have a ballpark estimate of the fare ready before entering the cab.
  • Time-share frauds: Scammers such as vacation club promoters prey on the unsuspecting by offering “great deals” on time-share properties that are, in reality, too good to be true.

Here is a helpful video that may explain how to avoid them.

10. Get Ready to Negotiate

The island is beautiful, but be wary of the numerous vendors that line the streets and set up shop near the beaches; some of them may be rather persistent. You should be stern with them and refuse their offers of services or products.

Get Ready to Negotiate in Isla Mujeres

Never pay the first asking price; you can almost always get a better deal by haggling. Bargaining is an essential part of any trip to the beach on Isla Mujeres.

11. Rough Terrain

Isla Mujeres is a beautiful island with both mountainous and low terrain. A layer of rather flat, low-lying limestone rock is the island’s most notable geological feature. The shores on the northern side of the island, as well as other parts of the island, are stony. The cliffs and coves along the shore are perfect for scuba divers and snorkelers because of the rocks that border them.

Rough Terrain in Isla Mujeres

Always remember to take the following measures when going on rocky or uneven ground:

  • Wearing shoes with a lot of traction will help you keep your balance on uneven surfaces. Don’t wear flip-flops or other open shoes outside.
  • Watch your step and your destination carefully. Avoid stepping in any holes, pebbles, or loose gravel.
  • You should go cautiously and gently on the rough ground. If you’re in a hurry, you could trip and tumble.
  • Prepare for the weather by wearing layers and bringing plenty of food and drink. Wearing sun protection is also advised.
  • Keep to the designated paths so as not to disturb the plants and wildlife. Don’t forget anything!
  • Always be on the lookout for and respond to caution signs. They have your best interests and the planet’s in mind.

12. Traffic

Given the scarcity of parking spaces, I would suggest commuting by golf cart or bicycle instead of driving yourself.

Traffic in Isla Mujeres

On Isla Mujeres, there are a number of places to hire golf carts and bicycles:

  • Find a local rental agent in the hub of town or near the beach areas. Standard essentials include an insurance deposit, a government-issued picture ID, and a signed agreement.
  • Book a stay at a hotel that offers bicycle and golf cart rentals.
  • You may get daily or hourly rentals from merchants on the street.
  • Rental companies and their prices may be researched and compared on the web as well.

With little research, you can find and compare rental rates from many companies. Make sure you know the whole price, including insurance, gas, and mileage, before you rent a cart.

13. Extreme Weather Conditions

Hurricanes and tropical cyclones can strike Isla Mujeres from June to November when the Atlantic hurricane season is at its peak. Extreme weather, including heavy rainfall, floods, and high winds, is also a possibility on the island. This is why the dry season is the best time to visit Isla Mujeres.

Hurricane season in Isla Mujeres

Here are some things to keep in mind if you must travel during the wet season:

  • Make sure you know what the weather will be like on your vacation by checking the forecast beforehand.
  • Think about what you would do in an emergency and double-check that the place you are staying does, too.
  • Learn about possible escape routes and the local early warning system in case of an emergency.
  • Get some sort of travel insurance that would cover you in case of a natural disaster.
  • Always have your passport, photo identification, and contact information on you.
  • Listen to the advice of local authorities, especially any evacuation orders, and be informed about the weather.
  • You should be prepared to abandon the island if something happens.

14. Wildlife

Warmer water temperatures in the summer can lead to a rise in jellyfish populations. While some jellyfish are harmless, the sting of others, like the Portuguese man of war or box jellyfish, may be extremely painful or even fatal.

Wildlife in Isla Mujeres

Sailfish, one of the fastest fish species, may also be seen in the seas surrounding this Caribbean island. While they are not known to attack humans, going too close to them may cause the fish to attack in self-defense. This can be very dangerous as their long sharp beak can cause serious damage. It is best to observe them from a distance.

15. Local Authorities and Cultures to be Aware of

Isla Mujeres is home to both visitors and permanent residents. Remember these social norms:

Social norms in Isla Mujeres
  • Avoid Photos Of Religious Places Without Permission: Visitors to Isla Mujeres, which is home to several indigenous Mayan communities, are asked to observe local customs and traditions. It includes refraining from photography when visiting religious sites without first obtaining permission from the local community.
  • Modes Attire is Preferred: Modest attire is required, especially while visiting the island’s religious sites or smaller communities.
  • Greeting: In Isla Mujeres, it is customary to shake hands or kiss the cheek while greeting someone.
  • Tipping: It is expected in the service business; standard guidelines include leaving 10-15% of the bill at restaurants and $1-$2 per bag for porters at hotels and airports.
  • Offer Respect to Local Traditions: Many celebrations, including those honoring the Mayan calendar’s Spring Equinox and Day of the Dead, take place on Isla Mujeres. Always keep these things in mind and be respectful of local traditions.

16. Avoid These Areas After Dark

Is it safe to go out when visiting Isla Mujeres at night? Naturally, I advise taking precautions. Avoid going out at night (particularly by yourself) in areas with low lighting or on the beach. Stay on well-traveled thoroughfares and other high-traffic areas.

Safest place to party until the wee hours of the morning in Isla Mujeres

Bars in Playa Norte stay open late, making it the best place to party until the wee hours of the morning and also the safest. Do not overindulge in alcohol or drugs with locals if you are traveling alone. If you can, make friends with other tourists while out.


Is it safe to go to Isla Mujeres?

It is safe to go to Isla Mujeres as the crime rate is relatively low and the authorities are well prepared to deal with it.

What do I need to know before going to Isla Mujeres?

You need to know the things to be careful of in Isla Mujeres such as the local wildlife, scammers, and the scorching heat. Also, try to bring your bottled water as tap water is unsafe for drinking.

Is snorkeling safe in Isla Mujeres?

Yes, Isla Mujeres is one of the top snorkeling destinations in the world.

Is it safe to walk around Isla Mujeres at night?

It is generally safe to walk around Isla Mujeres at night. However, exercise caution and be sure to stick to well-lit paths.


Summing it up, Isla Mujeres is a fantastic location for tourists with spectacular beaches and tons of activities. However, there are also some things to be careful of in Isla Mujeres. The scorching weather can cause dehydration and heat strokes. Be equipped with water all the time, however, be sure that it is not tap water as that is unsuitable for consumption.

The local wildlife like mosquitos and jellyfish can also be dangerous and life-threatening, so take great care and the proper measures. Scams like overpriced tours and time-share frauds are another huge problem that troubles tourists. You must do your research before going to Isla Mujeres to escape them.

Things to be careful of in Isla Mujeres