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Miami Beach vs South Beach: The Must-Visit Holidays Destination

Are you torn on where to go between Miami Beach vs South Beach? You should know that Miami Beach is a city, while South Beach is part of Miami Beach. In this article, I will highlight the advantages and challenges of the two beaches. I shall also tell you what each offers and where you can stay during your vacation.

Let us jump straight into the quick comparison before anything else!

Miami Beach vs South Beach

A Quick Comparison of Miami Beach vs South Beach

The common misconception is that Miami Beach and South Beach are the same. In some way, this is correct, as South Beach is an integral section of Miami Beach. South Beach, though, is more well-known. Here is how the two compare:

  • Miami Beach is situated on the barrier island between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay. 
  • 23rd Street separates the two beaches. 
  • The region below the boundary is called South Beach, while the area above this boundary is known as Miami Beach.

But is that all there is to know about Miami Beach and South Beach? Certainly not!

Keep reading to discover the difference between Miami Beach and South Beach, which has better beaches, a better dining scene, and more! But before that, let us look at the comparison chart of South Beach vs Miami Beach.

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Comparison Chart of South Beach vs Miami North Beach

Below is a comparison chart to help you understand how the two beaches compare. Have a look.





Southernmost tip of Miami Beach

Across Biscayne Bay

Fun activities

The Bass Museum, Lincoln Road Mall

Miami Beach Bandshell, Ocean Drive


Perfect for excitement and fun activities

Suitable for a serene beach experience

Cost of a 7-day trip

$1,873 for a solo traveler

$1,869 for a solo traveler


Southern comfort food

Original Cuban food, Fresh seafood


LIV at the Fontainebleau in Mid Beach, Mango's Tropical Cafe

Treehouse, Broken Shaker at the Freehand Miami in Mid Beach

Let us now see the benefits and challenges you will encounter when you visit either North Beach or South Beach.

Positive Aspects and Downsides of Visiting Miami Beach

Miami Beach is famous for its network of waterways and canals, turquoise waters, and wide sandy beaches.

Benefits of Visiting Miami Beach

Miami Beach offers several highlights to enjoy when one visits. Here are some:

Benefits of Visiting Miami Beach
  • Stunning beaches: They have white, soft sand and crystal-clear waters perfect for swimming, sunbathing, or surfing.
  • Perfect weather: Temperatures with low humidity, usually around mid-80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Glamorous nightlife and entertainment options: You can dance the night away in several high-end places.
  • Cultural diversity: This is in terms of the city’s music, food, and art.

Downsides of Visiting Miami North Beach

Some of the challenges you might experience when you go to Miami Beach include:

Downsides of Visiting Miami North Beach
  • High traffic: Miami Beach is a popular tourist destination attracting many visitors, thus the reason behind the increased traffic.
  • Natural disasters: It is susceptible to hurricanes and other natural disasters due to its location on the barrier island.

Those are the merits and downsides of visiting Miami North Beach. Let us now look at the experience in South Beach.

Positive Aspects and Downsides of Visiting South Beach

South Beach is famous for its iconic Art Deco architecture, vibrant atmosphere, bustling beachfront and Ocean Drive.

Benefits of Visiting South Beach

The merits you might encounter here include:

Benefits of Visiting South Beach
  • Many beach activities keep you occupied: You can participate in paddle boarding, surfing, jet skiing, or volleyball.
  • Exciting nightlife: You are guaranteed a fun night in South Beach.
  • Safe neighborhood: It is among the safest places in South Florida.
  • Unique culture: You will find Art Deco architecture and great food.

Downsides of Visiting South Beach

Some of the drawbacks of South Beach include:

Downsides of Visiting South Beach
  • Expensive: Miami generally is costly, from food prices to accommodation.
  • Lots of bugs: There are a lot of mosquitoes, cockroaches, and biting midges due to the area’s high humidity.

And that’s what I had on the advantages and disadvantages of Miami Beach and South Beach. Next are the 11 distinct features of the two beaches. This will help you make up your mind on which beach is a must-visit during your vacation.

Difference Between South Beach vs Miami Beach

Both South Beach and Miami Beach are found in Miami in Southern Florida. Let us see where you can find each.

Where Is Miami Beach?

Miami Beach is a beach town facing the majestic Atlantic Ocean and is situated across Biscayne Bay.

Miami-Dade County’s resort city is renowned as the county’s cultural and leisure hub. Everything that has made this area so remarkable can be found here. It is situated around 15 minutes away from downtown Miami. Miami Beach contains a variety of residential areas, including:

  • The renowned South Beach. Yes! It is indeed a constituent portion of Miami Beach;
  • North Beach;
  • Mid-Beach.

Where Is South Beach?

South Beach is a relatively little locality situated at the southernmost tip of Miami Beach. It begins at South Pointe Drive and ends at 23rd Street. South Beach is famous for its:

  • Beautiful Art Deco buildings;
  • Exciting nightlife;
  • Busy coastline;
  • Famous Ocean Drive.

Miami Beach vs South Beach: Where Can You Find the Most Beautiful Beach?

Both Miami Beach and South Beach offer stunning beach scenes. Here’s what each has to offer.

Miami Beach

As a result of its vast, sandy beaches and relatively calm waters, Miami Beach is a popular destination for those seeking a vacation where they may relax in the sun, swim, or play beach sports.

Because of the laid-back vibe, families and people searching for a quieter beach vacation will feel at home at Miami Beach. Some famous beaches include:

  • Surfside Beach: It is along Collins Avenue and is famous for clear water and a white sandy beach.
Surfside Beach
Sunny Isles Beach:
  • Mid-Beach: You can perfect your surfing skills or just sunbathe on the shore.

North Beach Open Space Park is one of several oceanfront parks that also feature:

  • Children’s playgrounds like Pirate Park playground and Peter Bluesten Park.
  • Picnic tables which come with grills under the old sea grape trees.
  • Network of hiking trails like Enchanted Forest Elaine Gordon Park where you can cycle, hike, or jog.
Enchanted Forest Elaine Gordon Park

South Beach

In contrast, South Beach is well-known for its lively atmosphere and beautiful environment. You will enjoy South Beach if you love sunbathing, playing volleyball, and participating in other beach-related activities.

Ocean Drive, just a short distance away, contributes to the buzzing seaside environment with its many restaurants, bars, and stores. Beaches here include:

  • Lummus Park: Here, you can find public restrooms, a playground, and paved paths to cycle or stroll.
Lummus Park
  • South Pointe Park: You can take in the breathtaking sites of PortMiami’s cruise ships, Fisher Island, and South Beach shore.
  • The Art Deco District & Ocean Drive: You will find historic Art Deco hotels, the Art Deco Historic District, and Ocean Drive, with several outdoor cafes.
Ocean Drive

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Miami Beach vs South Beach: Which Beach Offers More Fun Activities?

South Beach and Miami Beach offer plenty of fun activities for the visitors. Each destination has a unique offering, guaranteeing visitors do not get bored. Below are some activities you can indulge in.

6 Fun Activities in Miami Beach

There is a good explanation for why when you say “Miami,” many people automatically picture Miami Beach. Some of the world’s best beaches may be found in this vibrant seaside metropolis, with upscale shopping and historic landmarks. Some fun activities waiting for you include:

  • See the Art Deco Historic District: Miami has the most Art Deco buildings worldwide, and most Miami hotels have kept their beautiful historical designation and façades.
Art Deco Historic District
  • Holocaust memorial: Pay tribute to the survivors and victims of the holocaust.
  • Children Museum: It is located between South Beach and downtown Miami. Music Makers Studio, the Castle of Dreams, and a 6-foot piggy bank are in the museum.
Children Museum
  • Miami Beach Bandshell: Enjoy open-air music under string lights and an ocean breeze.
  • The Basement: Besides having a dance floor and an ample bar, the underground area also has indoor ice skating and bowling beneath neon illumination.
The Basement
  • Ocean Drive: Here, you will find different Art Deco districts, buildings, fancy hotels, and club facades in the nighttime.

6 Fun Activities in South Beach

South Beach encompasses many attributes, including boldness, vibrancy, and allure. However, it can also possess soulfulness, serenity, and unexpected unpredictability. The fun activities to enjoy in this area are:

  • The Bass Museum: Known for its outstanding traveling collections and exhibitions, The Bass is a prominent center for modern art.
The Bass Museum
  • Sunset Harbour: Enjoy local coffee, the famous Pura Vida, and Pubbelly Sushi.
  • Tour Miami Beach Botanical Garden: The garden oasis provides an optimal environment for leisure walks, ample shade from blossoming trees, and various forms of wildlife, including indigenous and migratory butterflies, birds, koi fish, and turtles.
  • Shop at Lincoln Road Mall: You can shop at famous fashion boutiques and retail shops, enjoy fine dining, and grab drinks at MILA or Juvia.
Lincoln Road Mall
  • South Pointe Park: It is on the Southern tip of downtown Miami Beach. It offers the most breathtaking views of sunsets and sunrises, and you can also view the Downtown Miami skyline.
  • Lummus Park: Enjoy prominent annual events like the Sea Show and South Beach Food and Wine Festival.
Lummus Park

Must-do Tours in Miami

On top of the fun activities, there are other must-do tours in Miami. They include:

  • Miami Sunset Cocktail Cruise while you enjoy wine and frozen cocktails as you cruise Miami;
  • Miami Everglades Experience Airboat Ride, and Wildlife Show, where you can experience an alligator adventure right in the park’s center;
  • Big Bus Miami Night Tour as you will explore Miami after dark with a bus tour complete with panoramic views;
Big Bus Miami Night Tour
  • Group Jet Ski Rentals in Miami where you will experience the combination of both a mini boat ride and a jet ski rental.

There you have it! Whether you decide to vacation in Miami Beach or South Beach, these are the fun activities you can participate in. Quite an adventure, you are guaranteed.

Pro tip: To save a few dollars, you should buy a Miami City Pass, which will give you access to more than 25 different attractions.

Miami Beach vs South Beach: Where Can You Party All Night?

South Beach and Miami Beach offer their visitors interesting nightlife and entertainment options. From nightclubs to long walks exploring Ocean Drive.

Nightlife When You Vacation in the Famous South Beach

Nightlife in South Beach shines when it comes to nightlife. World-famous spots like:

  • LIV at the Fontainebleau in Mid Beach: Famous DJs will entertain you on busy weekends. For easy entrance, come with a designated concierge.
LIV nightclub
  • Hyde Beach: Craving for a pool party? Head to Hyde Beach and enjoy the cuisine and mixology from Jose Andrés.
  • Mango’s Tropical Cafe: Dance the night away as you enjoy entertainment from renowned performers and live entertainment.
Mango's Tropical Cafe
Credit:, @Mango’s Tropical Cafe – South Beach

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Because of its compact size, South Beach’s nightlife allows patrons to visit many establishments in a single evening easily. Both famous people and partygoers are drawn to the area because of the exciting atmosphere it provides.

Nightlife When You Vacation in Miami Beach

There is a wide variety of places to go out in Miami Beach at night, from casual beach pubs like:

  • Wet Willie’s: Famous for its rainbow of frozen drinks and fun nightlife.
  • The basement: Be sure to check out the Miami Beach edition in Mid Beach. Enjoy performances from live dancers and famous DJs.
  • Do Not Sit On The Furniture Nightclub: It’s the most prominent underground movement that aims to revitalize the underground music community through artistic expression.
  • North Beach Bandshell: Are you a fan of cultural events? You will love the Open-air amphitheater.
North Beach Bandshell

Miami Beach offers something for everyone, creating a more dynamic evening scene.

Miami Beach vs South Beach: Which Has Tasty Cuisine?

Miami Beach and South Beach have a diverse culinary scene and delicious food. Let us first look at what Miami Beach has to offer.

Food in Miami Beach

The culinary culture in Miami Beach is broad, with everything from fast food joints to fine dining establishments. The region is well-known for its delicious National food like:

  • Churrasco: Originally from Brazil. Churrasco meat is grilled over an open fire and served with chimichurri sauce.
  • Stone crabs: They are served up chilled on ice, and prepared with less seasonings other than a squeeze of lemon.
Stone crabs
  • Floribbean Conch Fritters: It combines chopped-up sea snails in a deep-fried flour and egg batter to create a mouthwatering delicacy.
  • Arepas: Tasty round cakes made with maize or corn that are grilled, baked, or fried. Some have cheese and are consumed as a side dish or snack.

Food enthusiasts who love international food will encounter a diverse range of dining choices, encompassing:

  • Latin American and Cuban cuisine. There is Haufa Aeropuerto, a classic pan-fried rice dish cooked with egg noodles, shrimp omelet, and pork sausage. You can also try tiraditos, ceviche, anticucho grilled meats, and whipped potato causas.
  • Pan-Asian cuisine. They include cauliflower soaked in goat cheese and shishito-herb vinaigrette, Thai fried rice stone pot hamachi with white ponzu, and Korean fried chicken.

Popular restaurants include:

  • Joe’s Stone Crab: It is a century-old establishment known for its stone crab delicacies.
Joe's Stone Crab
Credit:, @Joe’s Stone Crab
  • Stiltsville Fish Bar: It serves seafood produced locally.
  • Finka Table & Tap: They serve the best cocktails and traditional Miami food.

Food in South Beach

A robust culinary industry is also present in South Beach, emphasizing upscale restaurants and trendy cafes.

National food include:

  • Cuban Sandwich: Comprises ham, cheese, and pork layers stuffed between grilled soft Cuban-style bread.
Cuban Sandwich
  • Ropa Vieja – Shredded Beef Stew: Cooked with stewed beef meat, peppers, onions, tomatoes, and spiced with paprika.
  • Pastelitos: They are small pastries traditionally cooked with lard and flaky and crisp. Try them with a cup of Cuban coffee, and you will not regret it.

International food here includes:

  • Mediterranean cuisine: Think Turkish kale salad, duck kibbeh with pomegranate, and beef tenderloin with hummus royale.
  • Caribbean, Haitian, and Bahamian cuisine: You can have whole fish, platters of fried lobster and seafood criollo stew, fish, and shrimp. Classic Haitian dishes like fried oxtail and pork griot with beans and rice.

Popular restaurants located here include:

  • Prime 112:It is an upscale steakhouse loved by celebrities.
Prime 112
Credit:, @Prime 112
  • Habana Vieja: Serves the best local foods, such as Ropa Vieja.
  • Yardbird Southern Table & Bar: It is famed for its Southern comfort food.
Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

South Beach is a heaven for foodies thanks to its wide variety of restaurants that serve cuisines from around the world and are budget-friendly.

Which Beach Provides a More Enriching Cultural Experience?

What is the difference between Miami Beach and South Beach regarding cultural experience? Let us find out.

Culture in Miami Beach

Miami Beach provides a diverse range of cultural events and establishments, including:

  • The North Beach Bandshell: Famous for its architectural importance and its function in Miami Beach’s entertainment history. Youth Music Festival also takes place here.
  • The renowned Bass Museum of Art: Forms links between the museum’s myriad audiences and international modern art. You can find a historic craft deco area with mixed art, plus & lectures and films.
  • The esteemed Miami City Ballet: Learn ballet at this institution, which is the best in the US.
Miami City Ballet
Credit:, @Miami City Ballet

They serve as a venue for concerts and community gatherings. The region’s cultural landscape has a wide range of diversity, catering to those with many interests, including lovers of visual arts and fans of music.

Culture in South Beach

The South Beach area is notable for its abundance of cultural attractions, including:

  • The New World Center: It is a music school and concert hall home to the New World Symphony.
  • The Wolfsonian-FIU Museum: It has a collection of galleries, a library, and a research institute dedicated to studying the persuasive potential of art and design.
The Wolfsonian-FIU Museum
Credit:, @The Wolfsonian-FIU
  • The annual Art Deco Weekend celebration: It is a cultural festival that commemorates the architecture, historical events, artwork, and culture of Miami Beach.
  • The Art Deco district: This region of Miami Beach is known for having more than 800 Art Deco structures inside a square mile.

The region’s emphasis on art galleries, design, and architecture has helped to create a distinctive and culturally vibrant setting that draws tourists from all over the globe.

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Miami Beach vs South Beach: Which Beach Is Easier to Get To?

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and Miami International Airport provide convenient access to South Beach and Miami Beach. Within each municipality, you can take advantage of public transportation like:

Miami Beach vs South Beach how to get
  • Rideshare services: Such include Lyft, Curb, Uber, Taxi, and Blacklane.
  • Trolleys: Routes include the Middle Beach Loop, the South Beach Loop, the North Beach Loop, and Collins Express.
  • Buses: An example of a Metrobus route is AVENTURA-DOWNTOWN VIA NE 6 & 2 AVE.

South Beach is a walking distance because of its small size, but Miami Beach provides a broader range of public transit alternatives, notably the free Miami Beach Trolley.

Where Will You Stay When You Vacate in Miami Beach or South Beach?

Planning where to stay before traveling is crucial as it will save you from being stranded. So, where will you stay when you visit Miami Beach?

Accommodations to Suit Your Budget in Miami Beach

While in Miami Beach, you can either choose luxurious or budget-friendly accommodations. Under the Luxurious options, you cannot go wrong with the following:

Loews Miami Beach Hotel
Fontainebleau Miami Beach

If you are on a budget, there are reasonable accommodations available, such as:

Hotel Shelley
  • Whitelaw Hotel.

Accommodations to Suit Your Budget in South and Mid Beach

Similarly, you can choose between budget-friendly and luxurious accommodations. Some of the high-end accommodations here include:

Hotel South Beach
The Betsy South Beach

For the budget-friendly accommodation, we have:

Red South Beach Hotel

There are plenty of options for you to choose from. You do not have to rob a bank to afford accommodation while vacationing in either South Beach or Miami Beach.

How Much Will It Cost You to Visit Miami Beach and South Beach?

Before traveling, you should plan carefully on the money you will spend during your trip. You wouldn’t want to be stranded in a foreign land, would you?

Consider the table below as I will highlight roughly how much it will cost you to travel.




Solo Traveller






Beach hotels

$95 to $725 per night. Average of $162

$95 to $735 per night. Average of $167

Vacation rentals

$230 to $1060 per night

$230 to $1060 per night

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is Better, Miami Beach or South Beach?

Miami Beach is excellent for those seeking a relaxed ambiance with plenty of space to unwind on the sandy beach. South Beach is ideal for those looking to experience Miami’s nightlife because there are numerous bars and clubs where you can dance till the early morning hours.

Is Miami Beach the Same as South Beach?

Miami Beach is not the same as South Beach. The City of Miami Beach is on an island 3 miles away from Miami. It is around nine miles in length and a mile in width. South Beach is not a city but rather a section of Miami Beach.

What Is the Nicest Area of Miami Beach?

The most excellent area of Miami Beach is South Beach. It has many attractive amenities, such as white sand beaches and vibrant nightlife.

Can You Swim in Miami South Beach?

Yes, you can swim in Miami South Beach. The water temperature is usually 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, you will find most people swimming and surfing.  

Is It Safe to Walk Around South Beach Miami?

Yes, it is safe to walk around South Beach, Miami. However, you must remember to use common sense, do what you should, and avoid being alone in dark places.


So, where should you head to? Both South and Miami Beach provide distinctive experiences considering various priorities and interests. Remember that Miami Beach is a city, while South Beach is a part of Miami Beach.

Miami Beach is family-friendly and is an optimal destination for individuals who are mindful of their budget and those who like a more laid-back beach experience. On the other hand, South Beach stands out with its renowned Art Deco architectural style, lively nightlife, and a strong focus on the arts and cultural scene.

The decision between the two locations ultimately comes down to your priorities and the experience you’re looking for. Please share this article with your friends to help them know what to expect from the two beaches. Remember, sharing is caring.

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Miami Beach vs South Beach