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Melbourne vs Sydney: Which One is Better for Your Vacation?

Are you planning those vacations and don’t know who to choose between Melbourne vs Sydney? Don’t worry! I’m here to help you decide between these two exciting Australian cities. Without delay, let’s dive into the details!

Melbourne vs Sydney

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Melbourne vs Sydney Quick Comparison

When faced with limited time in Australia, determining the city that should be prioritized might be challenging. Both cities present a distinct Australian essence, although with contrasting characteristics.

  • Tourists from other countries tend to visit Melbourne, whereas natives favor Sydney.
  • Melbourne is often regarded as the predominant cultural hub of the nation, while Sydney’s indisputable natural sceneries, favorable climate, and plentiful wildlife consistently attract many travelers.
  • Melbourne is Australia’s cultural, fashion, and sports capital, while the financial and media hub is in Sydney, also known for its beautiful landscape and numerous beaches.

Let’s examine several factors and see if Melbourne or Sydney comes out on top. There might not always be a clear winner, and I will explain the rationale for this. Read on to discover what sets Sydney and Melbourne apart, the upsides and downsides of both cities, top features, activities, and so on!

Comparison Chart Of What Life’s Like In The Two Australian Cities

I have put together a chart that will help you better understand the difference between Melbourne and Sydney. Let us look at it:





Southernmost region of Australia

Southeastern coast of Australia

Best time to visit

Autumn and spring



Unpredictable weather. You can experience four seasons in a day

Humid in summer and mild winters


Kilda, Altona, Brighton Beach

Bronte Beach, Bondi Beach, Balmoral Beach and Palm Beach

Trip cost

AU$274 ($175) daily

AU$440 ($282) daily

Activities and Sightseeing

Various water activities, museums, art galleries, and street art

Most famous Sydney landmarks include the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge

Food culture

Known for coffee culture

Famous for cocktail culture


Some of the best bars and clubs

Not exciting due to the lockout laws introduced in 2014

There are so many features that differentiate these two big cities. I shall highlight them shortly; for now, let us focus on the pros and cons of both Sydney and Melbourne.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Visiting Melbourne

Melbourne is the capital of Victoria state, located in the southernmost region of Australia, and the largest city in the country. Melbourne is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere. There are benefits and drawbacks associated with Melbourne, which I am going to highlight. 

Benefits of Visiting Melbourne

Melbourne is considered a prominent destination because of the many advantages it offers, such as: 

Benefits of Visiting Melbourne
  • Sports: Melbourne is known as the sporting capital of the country. Sports enthusiasts, whether cricket, rugby, tennis, or soccer, will enjoy visiting Melbourne Park and the city.
  • Lifestyle: It is generally associated with friendly people and clean and safe suburbs.
  • Activities and attractions: One can participate in water activities. You can also explore the nightlife, shopping areas, and beautiful parks.
  • Beaches and parks: Enjoy leisurely walking along the Yarra River, sunbathing at Kilda Beach and Brighton Beach, or having a picnic in Fitzroy Gardens.
  • Cultural Capital: To learn about the county’s cultural history, visit the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, and the National Gallery of Victoria.

Drawbacks of Visiting Melbourne

Despite the Australian city having several pros, it has a few disadvantages. They include:

Drawbacks of Visiting Melbourne

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  • Unpredictable weather: One should be prepared for anything as the weather here changes constantly. Don’t be surprised when you experience four seasons in a day. 
  • Expensive: Melbourne is known to be an expensive city.
  • Bad traffic: Unfortunately this city will make you spend a lot of time on the road due to traffic jams.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Visiting Sydney

Sydney is among Australia’s biggest cities and the second largest. Sydney is the capital of the New South Wales state and is located in the northeast of Melbourne. Here are some advantages of visiting the city.

Benefits of Visiting Sydney

Sydney is a beautiful city with much to offer its residents and visitors. Some pros of visiting the city include the following:

Benefits of Visiting Sydney

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  • Activities and Sightseeing: You can find famous landmarks here, such as the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. 
  • Beaches: Some famous beaches include Bronte Beach, Coogee Beach, Bondi Beach, Manly, Gordons Bay, Balmoral Beach, and Palm Beach.
  • Royal National Park: Get to see a wedding cake rock.
  • Perfect weather: Sydney has pleasant, sunny weather for most of the year.
  • Family-friendly: The suburbs have community centers with activities suitable for families and family-oriented classes and activities.

Drawbacks of Visiting Sydney

In as much as Sydney has a lot to offer its visitors, it has its fair share of disadvantages, which include:

Drawbacks of Visiting Sydney
  • Expensive: Sydney is an expensive city. It is the tenth most expensive city in the world. 
  • No nightlife: This is due to the lockout laws introduced in 2014.

Those are the benefits and drawbacks of both Sydney and Melbourne. However, they do not offer sufficient information regarding the two cities. Let us explore some features that will help you come up with a conclusion about which city is better than the other.

Differences in Population, Size, and Location of Melbourne and Sydney

The only thing these two cities have in common in this category is that they are both in Australia. Let us examine the differences between them right now! 

Differences in Population of Melbourne and Sydney


Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria State in Southeastern Australia, is situated alongside River Yarra, extending towards the Yarra Valley and the Dandenong Ranges in the east. It encompasses a significant portion of Port Phillip Bay’s northern and eastern beaches, extending onto the Mornington Peninsula.

So, how big is Melbourne City? Let’s know:

  • In 2023, the population is 5,235,000.
  • This is a 1.63% increase from 2022’s population of 5,151,000.
  • The city covers an area of 9992.5 sq km. Population density is estimated to be 516 people per sq km.


Sydney is Australia’s capital city, as most people may assume. However, it is a city that serves as the capital of New South Wales State in Australia. It is situated on the southeastern coast of Australia, boasts a splendid harbor, and holds a significant position as a vital port within the South Pacific region.

In 2023, the metropolitan population of Sydney stands at 5,121,000, indicating a growth rate of 1.27% compared to the previous year, 2022. In 2022, 5,057,000 people were living in Sydney’s metropolitan region.

Climate Difference Between Sydney and Melbourne

Even though Sydney and Melbourne are not particularly far apart, their climates are distinct. Let me expound further.

Visit Sydney to Experience Warmer Weather

When comparing the weather conditions of Sydney and Melbourne, it can be observed that Sydney exhibits a higher humidity level, whereas Melbourne experiences a greater degree of temperature consistency. 

  • In July, which corresponds to the winter season, the minimum temperature reaches approximately 10 degrees Celsius. 
  • Conversely, the temperature rises to the upper 80s during December and January, representing the warmest period. 
Sydney Weather

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Throughout the remaining duration of the year, temperatures exhibit a fluctuation between mid-60s – 70s.

Unpredictable and Harsh Melbourne’s Weather

Melbourne’s weather is renowned for being unpredictable, characterized by rapid and substantial fluctuations occurring within a single day:

  • Expect to experience a significant temperature fluctuation, with the temperature reaching 42 degrees Celsius and dropping to 15 degrees Celsius overnight.
  • Additionally, expect a sandstorm characterized by the most formidable wind you have ever encountered. You can even believe that you are experiencing a tornado event.
Melbourne's Weather

Different Beaches Found in Sydney and Melbourne

All across the world, Australian beaches have earned recognition, and even major urban centers enjoy proximity to some truly spectacular options. Let us see what Melbourne has to offer.

Beaches in Melbourne

Although Melbourne isn’t as well-known for its sunshine as other Australian towns, its top beaches offer the classic beach experience of surf, sand, and sun. Various activities are available along the coast, from jet skiing and surfing to guided tours and scenic strolls.

1. Beaches Near Melbourne CBD

Get some SPF and your best board shorts ready since Melbourne has incredible beaches. The finest beaches close to Melbourne include:

  • St Kilda Beach: It is the perfect spot to skydive, kiteboard, play beach volleyball, or participate in jet skiing.
St Kilda Beach
  • Half Moon Bay Beach: Known for the sand that is golden in color.
  • Brighton Beach: It is famous for its rainbow-colored beach huts that adorn the foreshore.
Brighton Beach

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  • Williamstown Beach: Perfect for picnics.

2. Beaches Outside Melbourne CBD

If one is not near Melbourne’s central business district or does not object to traveling by car, several lesser-known attractions are worth exploring. They include:

  • Sorrento Beach: Known for having stunning crystal-clear waters.
Sorrento Beach
  • Apollo Bay: Famous for fishing and surfing.
  • Mount Martha Beach: Home to colorful bathing boxes of Mornington Peninsula. 
Mount Martha Beach
  • Bushrangers Bay: Surrounded by jagged rocks and massive basalt cliffs. 

Beaches in Sydney CBD and Others

Sydney is ideal for engaging in water-related activities such as surfing, sunbathing, and swimming. Some of the famous beaches include;

  • Bondi Beach: It is the most proximate coastal area to the urban center, located at a distance of approximately 5 miles.
Bondi Beach

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  • Balmoral Beach: Perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking.
  • Shelly Beach: It’s an ideal beach if you want to try snorkeling or scuba diving.
Shelly Beach
  • Manly Beach: It has two main beaches, one facing the ocean with usually stronger currents and the other facing the Harbour with often very calm water, perfect for families. 
  • Palm Beach: If you want to swim, visit the smaller beach facing Pittwater.
Palm Beach

7 Fun Things to Do in Melbourne

Melbourne is among the top three most liveable cities in the world. There are lots of activities available for both locals and tourists in Melbourne. Let us explore some must-do activities when visiting this beautiful city.

  • Welcome the sunrise while on a hot air balloon: Here, you can kill two birds with one stone, welcome the sunrise, and see your favorite Melbourne locations on a bird’s eye view as you discover some new gems.
  • Roadtrip of the Great Ocean Road: Enjoy nature and the ocean view. 
Great Ocean Road
  • Visit Yarra Valley: See the famous wineries and enjoy complimentary tastings at the Yarra Valley Ice Creamery and Chocolaterie.
Yarra Valley Ice Creamery and Chocolaterie
Credit:, @Yarra Valley Chocolaterie
  • Try the addictive coffee: They say the coffee here is the best, and if you are not careful, you could get addicted!
  • Swim on the rooftop pool: Adelphi Hotel has a rooftop swimming pool while enjoying the city’s sights. 
  • Shark Diving: Discover diving at Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium.
Diving at Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium
Credit:, @SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium
  • Skydive over St Kilda beach: Enjoy the sights of sleeping penguins who usually go to the rocks after a long day of catching fish and swimming.

7 Fun Things to Do in Sydney

Sydney is a beautiful Australian city with so much to do. The activities are plenty and are suitable for people of all ages. Here are some activities you can indulge in while visiting this liveable city.

  • Outdoor Cinema: Enjoy watching a film while sitting outside at St. George Open Air Cinema. 
  • Enjoy the city’s view: Discover places like Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Helicopter ride: Enjoy a bird’s eye view of Sydney’s iconic attractions.
  • Perfect your surfing skills: You can do this at Bondi Beach, Maroubra Beach, and Byron Bay.
  • Enjoy nature: The best place to do this is at the Dharawal National Park. 
Dharawal National Park
  • Snorkel: Discover unbelievable beauty at the protected reef of Fairlight Beach. 
  • Marvel at the works of Sydney Opera House: An immersive VR encounter is available, allowing users to experience the sensation of being present on stage alongside the esteemed Sydney Symphony Orchestra.
Sydney Opera House

Those are the fun activities available, but there are more. Visit Sydney and get to experience the fun. Let us now look at the difference in food between the two Australian cities.

Melbourne vs Sydney Dining Experience

The dining experience in Melbourne vs. Sydney is completely different. Consider the following…

Visit Sydney if You’re a Foodie

Do you like to give in to temptation while on vacation? Visit Sydney if this is the case.Sydney is widely seen as more oriented towards leisure activities than Melbourne.

Although it lacks Melbourne’s renowned coffee culture, it does have some of Australia’s finest dining establishments. Even the cocktail culture is international, with hotspots like: 

Old Mate's Place
Berowra Waters Inn
Credit:, @Berowra Waters Inn

Visit Melbourne if You Enjoy a Good Cup of Coffee

Melbourne is well-known for many things, including its coffee culture. Melbourne is widely recognized as the birthplace of specialty coffees like the flat white (similar to a latte but with more caffeine) and the illusive “magic” coffee (similar to a flat white but with much more caffeine). 

Visit Melbourne to experience other dining options such as:

  • Easey’s. Enjoy the best burgers in town and beers;
Credit:, @Easey’s
Naked For Satan
Credit:, @Naked for Satan

Each Australian city has a unique dining experience. So what about nightlife? Is it exciting, or will you go straight to bed after sunset? Let us find out more.

Difference in Melbourne and Sydney Nightlife

Nightlife in Melbourne and Sydney are quite different. Let us explore each city. 

Nightlife in Sydney

In the past, it was possible to experience an enjoyable evening in Sydney. Nevertheless, in response to two tragic fatalities caused by “king hits” (strikes to the head) within the bustling nightlife district of Kings Cross, the New South Wales (NSW) government hastily implemented a complete closure of the area.

Nightlife in Sydney
  • The closure of numerous small-scale enterprises in the vicinity resulted in a cascading impact on the city.
  • Those who frequented Kings Cross for their leisure activities opted to explore alternative destinations like Newtown and Coogee, situated in the suburbs.
  • The central business district of Sydney exhibits a prevailing sense of gloom and emptiness throughout the evening hours.
Note: The regulations mentioned above have since been rescinded, but the decision to impose a lockdown on a global metropolis was an unconventional course of action from the first.

The city’s nightlife is slowly coming back to life thanks to several clubs which attract international DJs, such as:

  • MVP Nightclub;
  • NOIR;
NOIR, Sydney
Credit:, @Noir Sydney
  • CULT;
  • Kandi Luxe;
  • Red Room.
Red Room, Sydney
Credit:, @Red Room

How different is Melbourne’s nightlife?

Nightlife in Melbourne

This city is renowned for its vibrant nightlife, fashionable and clandestine pubs, and overall lightheartedness. Melbourne is widely regarded as a vibrant destination for individuals seeking a lively social atmosphere.

Among the best clubs include:

  • HER Music Room;
HER Music Room, Melbourne
Credit:, @HER
  • Angel Music Bar;
  • Sub Club;
Sub Club, Melbourne
Credit:, @Sub Club Melbourne
  • New Guernica.

Melbourne is widely recognized for its extensive and vibrant 24-hour festivities. But when it comes to New Year’s celebration, Sydney is the winner.

Day Excursions in Melbourne and Sydneyday Excursion

Fortunately, Sydney and Melbourne are near breathtaking destinations, perfect for a day excursion. I’ll kick things off in Melbourne.

Day Excursions in Melbourne

Here is what you can do in a day while visiting Melbourne.

  • Great Ocean Road: Enjoy a road trip while taking in the view of the beautiful ocean. 
  • Sightseeing at the Mornington Peninsula: Take a walk at the beach area and take a bay cruise.
Mornington Peninsula
  • Swim with the penguins: On Phillip Island, you will see the best views of penguins and fantastic beaches. You can also see koala bears. 
  • Visit Yarra Valley: Get to see Victoria’s oldest wine region and Warburton Rainforest Gallery.
  • Visit Grampians National Park: Discover exciting views and see the prettiest mountains.
Grampians National Park

Let us now see what you can do in Sydney in a day. 

Day Excursions in Sydney

There are so many options to choose from in Sydney, such as:

  • Blue Mountains trip: This comprehensive tour includes notable attractions like The Three Sisters, Scenic World, and Sydney Harbour. This trip can’t go wrong, as it covers every base. If an individual were to embark on a single-day journey departing from Sydney, it is highly recommended that they choose this excursion.
The Three Sisters, Scenic World
  • Swimming in the mermaid pools: Suppose one intends to engage in swimming activities at Mermaid Pools. In that case, it is essential to be aware that the sole means of entrance is jumping from a cliff approximately fifteen meters high. At the same time, exit can only be accomplished by utilizing an improvised rope adjacent to the waterfall.
  • Visit the Royal National Park: Take pleasure in the scenic and pretty views.
Royal National Park
  • Tour Hunter Valley: Lovers of cheese, wine, and chocolate will love this trip.

Which Is Better for Shopping, Melbourne or Sydney?

Buying things in Australia may be both a blessing and a curse. Sydney and Melbourne have excellent places to splurge but bear in mind the exchange rate because of Australia’s astronomical prices. 

Shopping in Sydney Harbour

If money is no object, skip the rest of Sydney and head for the stunning Queen Victoria Building on George Street. While strolling toward The Rocks, be sure to stop in the charming covered arcades, like the Strand Arcade, so that you may pick yourself some lovely mementos. 

Shopping in Sydney Harbour

Shopping in Melbourne

Melbourne’s “laneways,” or narrow streets, are well-known for their abundance of unique boutiques, stores, and eateries, as well as their colorful murals and street art. It’s easy to get disoriented in this maze of little malls and old arcades, so allow a local to lead you to the best stores.

Shopping in Melbourne

Which Has the Better Lifestyle and Culture, Melbourne or Sydney?

When it comes to the culture of these two major cities, it is quite different. Let us explore the culture of Melbourne and Sydney.

Lifestyle and Culture of Sydney

Considering the subjective nature of interpretation, Sydney fulfills the expectations commonly associated with an international city. 

  • It encompasses museums, theatres, churches,  galleries, eateries, and nightlife;
  • Consequently, it has become a favored destination for international performers from various parts of the world;
  • The Sydney Opera House is widely recognized as a prominent location for orchestras and opera presentations. 

The VIVID Festival, held annually during May and June, illuminates the nocturnal atmosphere and renowned monuments, commemorating the festival’s focus on music, light, and concepts.

The VIVID Festival in Sydney

Lifestyle and Culture of Melbourne

The city’s multiculturalism is seen in the diverse composition of its population. Street art is ubiquitous in every direction one may venture. It manifests itself in:

  • Vibrant murals;
  • Live artistic displays; 
  • Concealed rooftop establishments;
  • Globally renowned dining establishments; 
  • Modest local cafes offer delectable foods every minute of the night and day. 
Lifestyle and Culture of Melbourne

This phenomenon is also consistent with the fashion-conscious demographic and vibrant subculture that navigates a delicate balance between being fashionable and embodying a hipster aesthetic.

Which City Between Sydney and Melbourne Is Easier to Get Around?

Both cities exhibit extensive urban expansion. Nevertheless, it is fortunate that as frequently observed, the majority of prominent attractions are situated within and close to the historic city centers. 

How to Get Around in Sydney

In Sydney, the most convenient and expeditious mode of transportation is by train, particularly on the City Circle Line. This railway route encompasses numerous notable attractions, spanning from Circular Quay to Townhall, with the remaining destinations being reachable on foot.

How to Get Around in Sydney

However, it may be argued that the most enjoyable mode of transportation is undoubtedly the local commuter ferries. The reason is that they offer a delightful experience as they transport passengers over the bay, extending their routes to the scenic destination of Manly.

Note: Others will be responsible for guiding individuals to different points of interest during the journey. An excellent bus route to utilize is bus B, which facilitates transportation from Circular Quay to Bondi Beach.

How to Get Around in Melbourne

Melbourne boasts the presence of its renowned trams. They serve as a popular mode of transportation, facilitating convenient access to many destinations both within the metropolitan area and outside its immediate urban confines.

One can board the Sandringham train at the renowned Flinders Street Station to reach Brighton Beach.

How to Get Around in Melbourne

Accommodation in Sydney and Melbourne

Before traveling, you have to consider where you will stay during your trip. The money you have will determine whether you will opt for budget-friendly accommodation or a luxurious one. I have made a list for both types to help you come up with a choice. 

Accommodation in Sydney

As I have highlighted, you can choose between budget-friendly and luxurious, as discussed below.

Budget Friendly Accommodation

There are plenty of affordable accommodations in Sydney which will offer you a comfortable stay. Such include:

  • Pacific House: Located in Woolloomooloo, Sydney is known for its cleanliness.
Pacific House, Sydney
Hotel Nate's Place Backpackers, Sydney

Luxurious Accommodation 

If you are in a position to spend money on accommodation, there are plenty of luxurious hotels, such as:

  • Park Hyatt: Amenities include a deluxe spa, a rooftop swimming pool, and 24-hour butler service.
Park Hyatt, Sydney
  • The Darling: Enjoy a hand-picked pillow menu and 400-thread Egyptian cotton sheets.
  • The InterContinental: Marvel the view of the Opera House, the Harbour, and the Royal Botanic Gardens.
The InterContinental, Sydney

Accommodation in Melbourne

You can choose either luxurious or budget-friendly when you visit Melbourne. 

Budget Friendly Accommodation

Here is the list of the available cheap accommodation in Melbourne:

Next Hotel Melbourne
  • Oaks On Collins: Each apartment features cable TV, an en suite bathroom, a dishwasher, and cooking facilities.
  • Atlantis Hotel Melbourne: Amenities include a well-equipped fitness center and a heated indoor swimming pool.
Atlantis Hotel Melbourne

Luxurious Accommodation 

You can also get a hotel worth the expense. Examples of luxurious accommodation here include:

  • W Melbourne: This luxurious hotel offers an indoor pool, sun terrace, and next-level gym.
W Melbourne
Crown Towers, Melbourne

When Is the Perfect Time to Make a Trip to either Sydney or Melbourne?

If you are planning a trip to Melbourne, consider going during:

  • Autumn, i.e., March to May.
  • Spring, i.e., September to November.
Best time to visit Melbourne

Autumn and spring is the perfect time to enjoy and explore the city on a bike or foot and enjoy picnics and barbeques. However, remember that the weather here changes drastically, so be prepared for anything!

If you want to visit Sydney, you should do it during:

  • February to May.
  • September to November. 

The weather is pleasant, and the tourist crowd is not at its peak. However,  visit during summer and enjoy cheap prices (from June to August).

Best time to visit Sydney

How Much Will It Cost to Visit Sydney and Melbourne?

Before traveling, you should have a rough estimate of how much it will cost you during your trip.


It is recommended to allocate approximately AU$274 ($175) each day for one’s holiday in Melbourne, as this figure represents the average daily expenditure observed among other tourists. Previous tourists have reported an average expenditure of AU$30 ($19) on regional transportation and AU$46 ($30) daily on food.


The average daily price for a tourist spending their vacation in Sydney is AU$440 ($282), so you should budget at least that much. On average, tourists spend AU$23 ($15) daily on public transportation and AU$68 ($44) on food during their travels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Better, Sydney or Melbourne?

Melbourne is better than Sydney. It boasts a rich culture, vibrant sporting scene, diverse culinary offerings, lively nightlife entertainment, and abundant opportunities for engaging day excursions. However, Sydney’s weather exhibits a higher consistency level than Melbourne’s.

Why Is Sydney More Famous Than Melbourne?

Sydney is more famous than Melbourne because of its transportation system, roads, beaches, landmarks, and general beauty. I believe Sydney offers a decent quality of life.

Do People Prefer Sydney or Melbourne?

Both Sydney and Melbourne are people’s favorites. Despite their stark differences, both cities have a distinctively Australian feel. Melbourne is regarded as the nation’s cultural hub, while Sydney’s indisputable scenery, climate, and natural beauty continue to draw tourists.

Is Sydney or Melbourne More Like New York?

Melbourne is more like New York. It is more similar to New York, from the infrastructure, the rising cost of living, and the high population.


Which is the winner between Sydney and Melbourne? I think it all comes down to personal preferences. There is no right or wrong choice.

You should visit Sydney if you want to enjoy the warm weather. Foodies also will appreciate this city. There are also several day trips available suitable for the entire family.

On the other hand, you should visit Melbourne if you don’t mind the unpredictable Melbourne weather. This Australian city is cheaper than Sydney. If you love coffee, this is the perfect place to discover its exciting taste.

I hope you now have a clear understanding of the difference between Melbourne vs Sydney. Please share this article with your friends so they also get an insight into the differences.

Melbourne vs Sydney