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Wayfaring Views Photography Guide

I’ll be honest with you–we can’t all be featured on the cover of National Geographic. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t up our game when it comes to travel photography.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of photography rules and guides out there with advice that is either too technical or impractical.

Have You Asked Yourself One of the Following Questions?

  • How can these people drag themselves out of bed for a dawn photo shoot?
  • How do I get a shot that excludes all of those pesky tourists?
  • Why do my crappy shots look like everyone else’s crappy shots?
  • These photography rules are confusing, is there a simpler way?

Well you’ve come to the right place. Subscribe to the Wayfaring Views blog and you will receive the free Contrarian’s Guide to Great Travel Photography. This indispensably cheeky guide will offer you 6 tried and true photography rules and advice for how to break them.

In addition to the photography guide, the Wayfaring Views newsletter will give you straight advice, resources and inspiration that will help you hone your travel skills. Get inspired and start traveling!

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