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Florence vs Rome: Which One Is an Ideal Tourist Destination?

Are you trying to decide between Florence vs Rome as your next destination? The two Italian cities are rich in history, culture, art, architecture, cuisine, and beautiful sights.

So, what separates both Florence and Rome from one another? Let’s dive into details and decide which one is right for you!

Florence VS Rome

Quick Comparison

Rome and Florence are two of Italy’s most popular tourist destinations and with good reason. Here is a quick comparison:

  • Florence is ideal for learning about classic Italian culture and Renaissance history, whereas Rome is better for Roman ruins and ancient history.
  • Both Rome and Florence are cities with beautiful architecture and art. They have created an almost infinite number of masterpieces.
  • Both are excellent options in terms of culinary and wine enjoyment. 

This is not all the information that there is regarding Rome vs Florence. Keep reading and you will learn about their delightful food and wine, beautiful architecture, and interesting art. In the meantime, let’s start with the pros and cons.

Benefits and Drawbacks You Experience When You Visit Both Italian Cities

Florence is a beautiful city in Italy, with much to offer. Here is why Florence is worth visiting.  

Benefits of Visiting Florence

Some advantages of visiting the city include:

  • Art and culture: It’s full of art and culture. Some consider it Europe’s most significant cultural era, widely acknowledged as where the Italian Renaissance began. You can even visit San Gimignano, which is a neighboring medieval village.
Art and culture in Florence

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  • Incredible architecture: You get to enjoy remarkable architecture like Cathedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, also known as the Duomo of Florence, Baptistery of St. John, Uffizi Gallery, Basilica of San Lorenzo, Ponte Vecchio, and Giotto’s Bell Tower.
 Architecture in Florence
  • Most famous art museums: It is home to 70 museums that exhibit the works of Raphael, Michelangelo, Sandro Botticelli, Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci, and many more.
Art museums in Florence
  • Walkable city: Florence is a walkable city, meaning you can spend 30 minutes walking around the entire city.
  • Delicious food: There is mouth-watering Tuscan cuisine like Canapés, Gelato, and Bistecca Fiorentina.
Florencia delicious food
  • Shopping: It’s a perfect city for luxury brands like Versace, Gucci, and Prada. You can even get souvenirs from the San Lorenzo market.

Despite its beauty, some people may be put off by the city for various reasons.

Drawbacks of Visiting Florence

Here are some possible disadvantages:

Drawbacks of Visiting Florence
  • Harsh weather: Traveling during summer is not advisable as temperatures can reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Crowded: Florence is too crowded, mainly during the peak seasons.
  • Costly: It is an expensive city in terms of food and accommodation. 

Now let us look at what Rome has to offer.

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Benefits of Visiting Rome

Rome is a big modern city. Here are some advantages you’ll enjoy when you visit Rome:

  • History: Travel to historic sites like the Pantheon, the Roman Forum, and the Spanish Steps.
 Historic sites in Rome
  • Art: Rome has a wealth of history and art, much of it ancient yet still stunning in its beauty. And a significant component of Rome’s soul is its culture.
Art in Rome
  • St. Peter’s Basilica Dome: Challenge yourself and climb the 500+ steps to the top of St. Peter’s Basilica Dome.
St. Peter's Basilica Dome in Rome
  • Vatican: You can take a trip to Vatican City-State and experience a different nation without leaving Rome! The Pope resides in the Vatican, the smallest country worldwide, which anybody may visit without charge or other limitations.
 Vatican City-State
  • Museums: Visit the Vatican museums. The Vatican Museums feature many of the most elaborate collections of art worldwide.
  • Affordability: Rome is shockingly inexpensive. Accommodation, food, and flights are pretty affordable.
  • Best Italian food: I understand that only some people like Italian cuisine, but if you’re looking for some of the best Italians in the world, you should head to Rome. Indulge in mouth-watering pizzas with every imaginable topping, lasagna, and spaghetti. 
Best Italian food
  • Shopping: Rome is the ideal place to go shopping. This city has various establishments, from affordable vintage boutiques to high-end designer labels on Via del Corso.
Via del Corso, Rome

Now, let us look at the disadvantages of going to Rome.

Drawbacks of Visiting Rome

While you might enjoy numerous benefits in Rome, you will encounter some challenges. The drawbacks include:

Drawbacks of Visiting Rome
  • The city is not safe: There are a lot of thieves, beggars, and merchants who want to sell you their commodities.
  • Traffic in Rome is unbearable: Cars are everywhere, and the city is crowded.
  • Tourist trap restaurants: Many tourist trap restaurants offer poor quality food at quite a high price.

Now that I have highlighted the pros and cons of the two cities, let us look at the best time for you to visit either city. 

What Are the Best Months to Visit Rome vs Florence?

Before visiting your preferred city, it’s vital to consider the weather conditions. Let’s take a look at the best months to take a vacation. 

Best Months to Visit Florence

Spring is a popular time to visit both Rome and Florence. You’ll be able to make the most of your trip because the weather is better and longer days. Highs in Florence are around 64 degrees Fahrenheit from March through May.

The mild temperatures of spring also make it the ideal time to visit Florence’s Boboli Gardens and the rest of the city’s many outdoor attractions. Let’s take a look at the best times to visit Florence depending on the purpose:

Best Months to Visit Florence
  • Perfect Time for Sightseeing: March to May, September to November.
  • Best Time for camping and hiking: November to March.
  • Perfect Time to go for Honeymoon: April to June, September to November.
  • Florence’s festival season:  From June through October.

Let us now shift our focus to Rome.

Best Months to Visit Rome

Rome is among the most widely recognized vacation destinations, but the question of when to travel constantly arises. Rome’s Mediterranean climate means that any time of year is a good time to visit.

Shorter summers are to be expected, along with high temperatures and high humidity. Winters are longer, chilly, and wetter than average. Clear skies, temperate temperatures, gentle breezes, and the world-famous spring and fall sunsets make for the greatest seasons of the year. Discover the best times to visit Rome depending on the reason:

Best Months to Visit Rome
  • Perfect time to visit because of the best weather: Between April and June.
  • Best time to attend events and activities: March to May(Easter) and September (Romaeuropa festival).
  • When the prices are low and not overcrowded: September to February.

If you have still not decided which city, Rome vs. Florence, you should visit, here are a few things that might help you decide.

Florence vs Rome: Is It Better to Visit Florence?

As I mentioned, despite being a smaller city than Rome, Florence has much to offer its visitors. Let’s discover things that make you choose Florence.

1. You Want To Experience Local Life

Rome is more prominent, but Florence is more compact and enclosed. Despite its obvious appeal, the most admirable aspect of visiting Florence is that the attractions are within walking distance. You can see all the major sights on foot, including: 

Major sights Florence
  • Santa Croce Church: Contains numerous tombs and monuments of famous Florentines.
  • The Uffizi Gallery: Here you can see outstanding collections of ancient paintings and sculptures.
  • The Duomo: Has more statues in this gothic-style cathedral than in any other building in the world.

Rome and Florence are different in that Florence doesn’t have as many fast-food restaurants or brightly colored lights. Everything is astonishingly true to nature. In Florence, you’ll get to navigate the narrow cobblestoned streets, gaze up at Renaissance art, or cast your eyes on the shimmering Arno. You’ll be completely surrounded by an atmosphere that can’t be replicated elsewhere.

2. Art Lovers Should Visit Florence

When comparing Florence vs. Rome, it is helpful to think of Rome as a dedicated history museum and Florence as an outdoor art museum.

The Renaissance wasn’t the only thing that started in Florence. Renowned artists of the time have their beginnings in this region, such as Michelangelo, Botticelli, and Leonardo da Vinci. It is home to the most famous art museums, including:

Art museums Florence
  • The Basilica of Santa Croce: where Michelangelo, Galileo, and Machiavelli are buried.
  • The inside of the Duomo: It showcases the architect Brunelleschi’s designs
  • The National Museum of the Bargello: Here, you can see sculptures by Donatello.
  • The Uffizi Gallery: It is home to works by Cimabue, Botticelli, Michelangelo, Giotto, Raffaello, and Da Vinci and other European masterpieces by Dutch, Flemish, and German artists.

If you’re trying to decide between Florence and Rome, know that no matter which direction you head in, you’ll find another piece of Renaissance architecture, mural, or sculpture. Experiencing this is like stepping into a postcard, especially when you visit medieval villages like San Gimignano.

3. Visit Florence If You’re Looking for a Walking Distance City

In Rome, seeing the sights may require figuring out the public transit system or hailing a taxi. In Florence, however, you can do it all on foot. Florence may be smaller than Rome, but it has just as many, if not more, world-class attractions like artwork, museums, and restaurants.

Florence is walking distance city

Around every corner is a new cafe, museum, or church beckoning you to sit and learn about its history or try out some of the best Italian cuisines. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city by visiting the Oltrarno district, just across the River of Arno. Oltrarno is where the locals hang out, offering various entertainment options:

  • The freedom to create your schedule is one of Florence’s greatest strengths. 
  • Not having to figure out how to use public transportation or waste time in traffic is a huge relief. 
  • To truly embrace the Italian way of life, there is no need for any haste. 

Go to nine museums in a day, get lost in the beautiful art of the Accademia Gallery (where Michelangelo’s David is housed), or enjoy a tasty meal at Osteria All’antico Vinaio. You can count on a restful night’s sleep that evening.

4. You Plan to Use Your Trip to Indulge in the Local Cuisine

Truth be said, there is no place in Italy with subpar cuisine (though dishes differ by area). Visit Tuscany, as its Italian food is truly exceptional. Tuscan food is irresistible because of its variety, accessibility, and flavor.

Some delicacies in Florence hotels include delicious pasta, excellent Tuscan wine, florentine steak, the original and tastiest gelato (created in Florence), truffles, and Pappa al Pomodoro. 

Italian cuisine

If your main aim is to eat the local Italian cuisine, you should choose Florence.

5. You Enjoy Drinking Wine

The Chianti area of Italy, with its extensive vineyards and charming villages, is a must-see for every wine enthusiast. Even though both Florence and Rome have separate wine areas, visitors to Florence often take a day excursion to the internationally recognized Chianti wineries.

Chianti wineries

The beautiful Chianti region is within easy reach of Florentine visitors via automobile or guided tour, and it’s quite an enjoyable trip. Chianti is home to some of Italy’s best wineries, including:

  • Frescobaldi.
  • Antinori.

Wine lovers should take advantage of the opportunity of wine tasting to sample their best Italian wine.

6. You Wish to Travel the Countryside

Florence is a better starting point for day trips into the Italian countryside than Rome. It is in the heart of Tuscany, known for its beautiful hills and world-famous wine vineyards.

The rural areas of Tuscany are almost as well-known as the city of Florence itself. If you’re a fan of the rural area, you should visit the Tuscan countryside. There you can relax in a thermal spring for a few days, take a stroll across a hilltop, and tour the area’s wineries.

What to do in Tuscan countryside

Take a city break today at Florence!

7. Florence’s Retail Market Is Very Good

Florence, the origin of fashion houses such as Gucci, Ferragamo, Pucci, and Cavalli, is a shopper’s paradise in Italy. You can find high-end stores along Via de’Tornabuoni or cross the river to find unique boutiques and workshops run by local artists.  

Florence’s smaller size and concentration of high-quality retail make it a more pleasant shopping destination than Rome.

8. If You’re Looking for a Fall Vacation Spot

Even while spring is technically the city’s “off-season” for tourism, it’s one of the finest seasons to visit. You’ll have the sensation of having the most popular attractions all to yourself because fewer people will be there. This will allow you to: 

  • Skip the long lines at the Accademia Gallery and the Uffizi Gallery. 
  • See the works of art more closely and personally.

As winter approaches, temperatures drop, making it more bearable to roam around all day. During your time in Florence, where will you stay? Let us look at the available places. 

Where Should You Stay During Your Visit to Florence

It is essential to plan before you travel. Choose the place you will stay during the few days that you will be in Florence. Here are a few examples.

1. Affordable Hotels

B&B Le Stanze del Duomo – Although accommodations in Florence can be a touch pricy and outside of what is considered “budget,” B&B Le Stanze’s stunning accommodations and prime position in the city will leave you breathless.

B&B Le Stanze, Florence

Other budget-friendly hotels include:

2. Mid-Range Accommodations

Bargello Guest House – Situated in the middle of Florence, this accommodation is just a brief (less than 5 minutes) stroll from famous landmarks, including the Palazzo Vecchio. If you stay at this hotel, you can easily stroll to several of Florence’s top attractions.

Bargello Guest House, Florence

Other hotels are:

3. Elegance

The Hotel Lungarno — This is my go-to spot in Florence if you want to splurge, thanks to its convenient location directly on the Arno River and breathtaking sites of the Ponte Vecchio (and the entire city from its rooftop terrace). The Hotel Lungarno is an excellent choice for a day trip to Florence.

The Hotel Lungarno, Florence

You can also try the following luxurious hotels:

Now what about Rome? What does it have to offer? Let us find out.

Rome vs Florence: Is It Better to Visit the Eternal City?

This Italian capital is larger than Florence. Rome, commonly called the Eternal City, has much to explore for anyone visiting the city center. Here is why you should visit Rome.

1. Travel to Rome If You Appreciate the Classics

Rome is a must-see for everyone traveling to Italy for the first time. There is nothing modern about this thriving metropolis. Almost all of the iconic landmarks of ancient Rome can be found here. These include Pantheon, Colosseum, Spanish Steps, Roman Forum, and Trevi Fountain.

Iconic landmarks of ancient Rome

But there are additional things that will impress you. The city boasts of:

  • 83 museums: Examples are Borghese Gallery and Museum, Doria Pamphili Gallery, etc.
  • 2000+ fountains: More than 2,000 fountains, including the Trevi Fountain and Fountain of the Bees.
  • A lot of Parks: Many parks include Villa Doria Pamphilj, Pincio Hill Gardens, and others.
  • Spectacular Sculptures: Uncountable sculptures include the Statue of Pasquino, the Statue of Julius Caesar, and the Statues on St Angel’s Bridge.

I especially suggest checking out the Borghese Gardens if you have some free time in Rome.

 Borghese Gardens, Rome

Even though it’s in the middle of the action, once you go inside, you’ll feel like you’re in a different place. The park features:

  • Tree-lined walkways.
  • Several museums, including Museo Pietro Canonica, Museo Carlo Bilotti, and La Galleria Nazionale, among others.
  • Three ancient temples. A good example is The Temple of Asclepius.
  • A recreational lake is known as the Laghetto.
  • One of the world’s best art galleries namely the Galleria Borghese.
  • A zoo, the zoological garden of Rome.
  • A movie theatre, the Casa del Cinema.
  • A replica of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

If you are into the classics, Rome is the perfect destination. 

2. Rome Is a Must-See for Any History Fan

In Rome, the more you explore, the extra you find, and each sight has a richer story about Western civilization’s development.

Rome is a must-see for any history fans

A good example is:

  • You may tour amid the remains of the Roman Forum and get an up-close look at the royal artifacts that once marked the Roman Empire. 
  • In the Colosseum, you may put yourself in the shoes of the spectators who cheered on the fighting gladiators. 
  • It is possible to go to cathedrals that are so rich in artwork that they are considered masterpieces. Good example is Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica.
  • You may even see the ruins of the Romans’ favorite hangouts, palaces, bathhouses, and public gathering places.

Check out the Baths of Caracalla if you’re curious about ancient Roman culture and lifestyle. They are some of the largest and finest preserved, constructed in the city’s southern portion in 216 A.D.

3. You Wish to Find a Range of Undiscovered Gems

Rome and Florence are rich in historical and cultural landmarks, yet their ambiances differ considerably. You can be sure there will never be a dull moment in Rome. Some of the gems in Rome include:

What to do in Rome
  • Touring the city’s historic sites.
  • A lot of outdoor cafes with excellent views.
  • Visiting the attractions in Rome, which include the world-famous museums.
  • Exploring the underground tunnels.

Rome is a great choice if you want an unusual city break.

4. You’re Eager to See Ancient Sites Like Old Cities and Villas

Rome is a better option than Florence to see historical ruins and villas, and visiting southern Italy is like traveling back in time.

  • Visit Ostia Antica, the city’s old harbor, for its ruins.
  • Take a day excursion to Tivoli to see the famous Villa Adriana and Villa d’Este.

Since Rome was the imperial capital, it is not surprising that the area around the city center is rich in archaeological ruins and home to important cities like Viterbo, which were part of the Papal Kingdom.

5. You Wish to See the Vatican City

Regardless of whether you are a catholic or not, you can’t help but be fascinated by the Vatican City State. It is the world’s smallest sovereign nation and a city-state within a city. While in the Vatican, you can enjoy incredible sights from:

Must-see in Vatican
  • Sistine Chapel.
  • Vatican museums are among the world’s largest and most important.
  • St Peter’s Basilica.

Seeing the Vatican’s fantastic architecture and numerous works of art is something you’ll never forget. If you want to visit something genuinely once-in-a-lifetime, add the Vatican to your itinerary in Rome.

You can also listen to the Pope’s public address if you visit the city on Wednesday or Sunday at noon.

6. Travel to Rome If You’re a Fan of Variety

Rome is a major metropolitan area with all the conveniences expected of such a location. It’s a fascinating city, suitable for a week’s stay. So, what can you find in Rome?

  • There are a wealth of sights to explore.
  • A mix of antiquity and modernity.
  • A wide range of dining options.

I bet you are fantasizing about life in this Italian city, right? With the many activities you can undertake, you can find yourself sipping a cup of espresso in a quiet Italian cafe one moment; the next, you would be in the Pantheon where Emperor Hadrian once stood. 

7. Shop Until You Drop in Rome

When comparing Florence vs. Rome, the Eternal City triumphs if retail therapy is on your agenda. In Rome, you can find:

  • Stores where you can window-shop.
  • Shops selling trendy apparel.
  • A place where you can buy souvenirs.

Large antique houses on Via Del Corso and the neighboring streets house:

  • Numerous shoe boutiques like One Block Down, Church’s Roma, and Suede.
  • Well-known fashion brands such as Bulgari, Fendi, and Valentino.
Via Del Corso , Rome

Additionally, Rome’s largest market, Porta Portese, is located there.

8. If You’re Looking for a Springtime Getaway, Visit Rome

Spring is an excellent time if you’re planning a trip to Rome. The reasons for this include:

Spring in Rome
  • Temperature: Temperatures average around 65 degrees Fahrenheit during spring but can rise into the 80s rarely.
  • Outdoor activities: Because of the temperatures, the season becomes perfect for outdoor activities like taking long strolls and enjoying meals al fresco while taking in the sights and sounds of nature. 
  • Fewer visitors: There will be fewer visitors at most sights before the summer rush begins.
  • Celebrations: The spring season also features a plethora of celebrations. The Vatican on Easter Sunday is a spectacular sight. Rome’s birthday is celebrated annually on April 21, with parades, mock gladiator exhibitions, and colorful fireworks lighting up the sky. 

Let us now look at where you should stay while in Rome.

Where Should You Stay During Your Visit to Rome

There are a wide variety of hotels depending on your preference. They include:

1. Budget-Friendly Hotels

La Cornice Guesthouse- Although La Cornice is located on the city’s outskirts, you can reach the Colosseum and other noteworthy attractions within 20 minutes by taking the metro.

La Cornice Guesthouse, Rome

You can Have lunch at the adjoining Joseph Ristorante. It’s hard to top the 8 Euros per person lunch deal at the restaurant just 5 minutes away, where you can choose from roughly ten main meals, bread, wine, and various desserts. Other budget-friendly hotels include:

2. Mid-Range Accommodations

The Wesley has a breathtaking view of Castel Sant’Angelo and is just a short distance from many of the major attractions in Rome’s historic Centro Storico district. 

The rooms at The Wesley are modest and basic, and some guests must use the same bathroom. The Wesley Guesthouse is an in-betweener between cheap and expensive, with a price tag to match its posh neighborhood.

The Wesley, Rome

You can also check out:

3. Elegance 

Pantheon Inn – This is the place to go if you’re seeking old-world Italian elegance in the middle of Rome. The Pantheon Inn is a tranquil haven in the heart of busy Rome, conveniently located directly behind the Pantheon.

Pantheon Inn, Rome

You’ll have to travel a little to get to the subway, but it’s a pleasant stroll through the historic district, so you won’t mind. Other examples of luxurious hotels include:


Is It Better to Visit Rome or Florence?

If you’re interested in seeing a large city, learning about its history, and having plenty of time, Rome is the place to go. However, if you’re fascinated by art, food, fashion, and wine and want a walkable city with plenty of day trip options, then Florence is the place for you.

Is Florence the Most Beautiful City in Italy?

Florence is the most beautiful city in all of Italy. Condé Nast Traveler magazine states that Florence is one of Europe’s top 20 most attractive urban areas. Also, it’s the only Italian city on the listing.

How Many Days in Rome Are Enough?

Four to five days in Rome are enough to see and do almost everything as Rome is quite a big city.

How Many Days in Florence Are Enough?

Three days in Florence are enough to visit the main attractions. However, if you want to explore the city without rush, four days should be enough.


You can’t go wrong with Florence or Rome when planning a trip to Italy, as both are fantastic cities. If you had to pick one, I suggest the next.

Choose Florence if:

  • Arts interests you, because it’s full of art and culture.
  • You are interested in seeing the prominent art museums. It is home to 70 museums that exhibit the works of Raphael, Michelangelo, Sandro Botticelli, Giotto, Da Vinci, and many more.
  • Your vacation is in autumn.
  • If you’re traveling to taste delicious food and wine, visit Tuscany.
  • A small city is your preference. Florence is a city within walking distance and it is easy to navigate. 

Choose Rome if:

  • If you are interested in Roman history and ancient civilizations and want to view their remnants, this is the place for you.
  • You’re looking forward to shopping for souvenirs and clothes. 
  • Suppose you are interested in saving money. Rome is cheaper than Florence.
  • Visiting sites that have been featured in movies excites you. In that case, you can visit the Trevi Fountain.
  • Art is your passion. Rome has a wealth of history and art, much of it ancient yet still stunning in its beauty.

Ask yourself the kind of amenities you are looking forward to enjoying, and then based on that, you can decide which of the two popular cities you want to visit.

It’s an interesting comparison, isn’t it? Share my article with your friends so they can learn more about these two beautiful Italian cities:

Florence VS Rome