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Camino de Santiago Packing List: Everything You Need to Keep It Light

This Camino de Santiago packing list will give the adventurous pilgrim everything you need to pack for the Camino. Use this post and the FREE printable packing list to help you find the right clothing, hiking boots, first aid gear and backpack along with useful links to Camino planning resources.

El Camino de Santiago packing list- hiker with pack in forest
A full Camino pack doesn’t need to be a large Camino pack. This 35 liter pack holds everything on the packing list below.

Congratulations on your decision to walk the Camino! You’ll have a great experience– I certainly did (twice)! To help you prepare for your adventure, I’m offering this Camino de Santiago packing list. It will tell you what you need….and what you don’t…in order to have a successful pilgrimage. This list is updated regularly with feedback from recent pilgrims.

FREE Camino Tools

Score a printable Camino packing list and an editable budgeting spreadsheet.

Top 4 Tips for Your Camino de Santiago Packing List

  1. Go light. Saint Francis managed to do it over 800 years ago and you can be sure that he wasn’t loaded down with a heavy pack. Using this advice on what to pack for the Camino de Santiago to help you determine your bare essentials.
  2. Spain has stores, so don’t stress. If you forgot something, just buy it in one of the larger towns along the way.
  3. Bring (or buy) something to share. The kindness of strangers is alive and well on the Camino. You can help others by sharing snacks, first aid supplies or giving out a fun little item.
  4. Bring a token from home. My family sent me with a bundle of letters and notes of encouragement. They were very comforting on the more difficult days.

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Camino de Santiago portrait. Red jacket and backpack
Here I am, sporting the full ensemble. I’m smiling because the sun just came out after 6 hours of body surfing through the rain. My hair is a disaster but the Kuhl pants, Hoka shoes, REI jacket and pack are still intact.

(Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that if you choose to purchase, I’ll get a small commission.) 

Where Do You Buy Camino Gear?

Most of my hard core Camino gear came from REI. They have knowledgeable staff and a ridiculously generous return policy. I’ve also purchased clothing from Columbia, because I’m old and tubby and their clothing has a generous cut. Kuhl has some totally genius hiking pants. I also used Amazon to source some of my quirky things like gear ties.

The Ultimate Camino de Santiago Pack List

Camino de Santiago packing list- clothes and pack
This pile + the clothes on your back are everything that you’ll need.

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The 4 Most Popular Items on this Packing List

These four items are the most popular things on this packing list. I’m putting them right here up top so that you can think about whether you need them too.

  • Permethrin: If you coat your backpack and bedding with this insect repellent, it should keep any bed bugs at bay for up to six weeks. Some people have no trouble with bed bugs, yet people like me get eaten alive. Wouldn’t you rather not risk it?
  • Water Resistant Toiletry Bags: You can keep your toiletries, charger cords, first aid kit and misc items organized and dry with these bags.
  • Go Toob Travel Bottles: Great for storing your travel liquids. I’ve used these bottles on six continents. They hold just the right amount of shampoo/conditioner, last forever and they never leak.
  • Compeed Blister Bandages: Don’t let your blisters get out of hand! If you rip open a blister, a Compeed bandage will cushion it, giving it time to heal. Read the instructions carefully because they don’t work like normal Band-Aids. If you buy a “starter supply” in advance, you’ll be covered in case you have issues on the first few days. If you don’t need them, share them with another pilgrims.

Camino Packing List: Clothing

3 Tops | 3 Bottoms | Hat | Warm Layer | Gore-Tex Wind Breaker | 2 Pair Shoes

  • Tops: At least one long sleeve shirt and two others in a mix of tanks and/or short sleeves. Get all of them in a moisture wicking, easy dry fabric, like these from Under Armour or Columbia.
  • Bottoms: Trail pants, hiking shorts, yoga or capri pants, or a hiking skirt.
  • Underwear: 2 bras, 3 pairs underwear, 3 pairs walking/hiking socks. I like the double layer Wright Socks and the Injinji toe socks. Both are designed to prevent blisters.
  • Outer wear: Fleece pullover or some warm under-layer. Gore-Tex wind breaker.
  • Footwear: Gore-tex hiking boots and sport sandals, like Tevas or flop flops. Flip flops are better for showering. Tevas are better for walking around in the evening if you need a break from your hiking boots. You don’t need both.
  • Head Gear: Hat and/or a Buff.

Camino Clothing Tips

There are a few strategies for clothing.

The first is “one to wash, one to wear”. This is essentially two outfits. Another is “one to wash, one to wear, socks & jocks”. This strategy is two outfits but a third set of underwear and socks. The final is “one to wash, one to wear, one spare”. This is what I’ve recommended above, it give you an extra outfit to wear in the evening.

What to pack for the El Camino de Santiago is also dependent upon season. This warmer weather list works best for May to September. Substitute more long pants and long sleeves for cooler weather. Even though I walked in during the warmer months, it can still be chilly in the morning and I wore my fleece pullover frequently. There can be rain, particularly in Galicia, any time of the year, so a rain resistant jacket is a must.

Don’t be cheap about your performance wear. Buy shirts and shorts from a trusted brand, like REI. I learned the hard way when my discount shirt took on a funky smell that wouldn’t wash out and which dogged me across northern Spain. I insist upon hiking pants with ZIPPERED POCKETS, they are more secure and breathable than cheaper yoga tights.

Choose your footwear very carefully. I’m currently a fan of the Hoka One Trail Runner. It’s light enough not to weigh you down but offers a lot of heel support. That said, every foot is a snowflake and you have to make your own choice about what works for your feet. Purchase from a reliable provider who offers a generous return policy and then put at least 50 miles (80/k) on them before hitting the Camino. Use our Camino hiking shoe guide to get recommendation for key features, brands, footcare tips and sock suggestions.

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Camino Packing List: Toiletries

Shampoo/Conditioner | Lotion | Sunscreen | Deodorant | Small Soap | Toothbrush | Toothpaste | Liquid Laundry Soap | Toiletry Bag

  • Hair: Small bottles of shampoo and conditioner. Small comb.
  • Body: Small body lotion, small SPF face lotion, deodorant, sunscreen, small bar of soap (in a small ziploc bag).
  • Teeth: travel size toothpaste, toothbrush.
  • Clothes: small container of Trek & Travel liquid laundry soap.
  • Toiletry bag: I like using Go Toobs for my liquids– they pack well and don’t leak. I also like a clear plastic, waterproof toiletry bag, like this one, which also comes with several smaller bags that you can use for first aid items or whatnot. They weigh hardly anything and the clear plastic makes it easy to find your stuff.

Tips for Toiletries

Take as much as you truly need but consolidate where you can. My hair requires a conditioner, but if yours doesn’t…skip it. You may be able to get away with less, by using a bar of solid shampoo for head and body. When I requested feedback on this list, one person suggested that I eliminate the laundry wash because many albergue wash basins have soap. I’ve opted to leave it in because not ALL wash basins have soap and I shared mine with others.

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Spain Camino Sansol foot fountain
Foot care is so critical. I recommend finding an albergue (like this one in Sansol), that provides a cooling fountain and red wine.

Camino Packing List: First Aid and Medical Supplies

Personal Medications | Blister Care | First Aid Tape | Anti-inflamatory | Anti-Bac | Glide | Lip Goop | Tissues

  • Personal medications.
  • Blister care: Compeed brand blister bandages mixed pack. Buy them now from Amazon or at any local farmacia when you arrive.
  • First aid tape. I use this to prevent blisters by taping my trouble spots and protecting them before blisters take hold. Metolius brand is used for rock climbing and it stays on, regardless of sweat. Some people like KT tape.
  • Small bottle of Motril/Advil. I took 2 every day after walking to keep the soreness down.
  • Anti-bacterial such as Neosporin. The small individual use packages are handy and don’t take up much room.
  • Hemorrhoid cream, Vaseline or Glide. Chafing happens.
  • Lip goop/Chapstick.
  • Travel size package of tissues.

Medical Supplies Tips

It is a wise idea to scan your prescriptions in case you need a refill on the road. Some people advise against Compeed and you do indeed need to read the label carefully and use them as directed. Keeping your feet clean and dry is the best way to avoid blisters in the first place, but I have very sensitive feet and despite my best efforts, they always pop up.

Have you considered travel insurance? It’s useful not only for trip cancellation but also has options for medical emergencies and injuries. Check out travel insurance plans with Allianz.

Camino Packing List: Electronics

Unlocked Smart Phone | Chargers | Ear Buds | Plug Adapter | iPad or Camera Optional

  • Unlocked smart phone. Wireless is easy to find on the Camino. If your carrier doesn’t offer international service, you may find it handy to get a local SIM card.
  • iPad (optional). It’s handy for reading books in the evening and can serve as a quasi laptop.
  • Chargers for the above. A plug adapter that works for Europe. A 2-plug USB charger is useful for charging multiple devices at once, or for sharing a plug with a fellow pilgrim. You may also want to consider a lightweight power bank for your phone.
  • Ear buds.

Electronics Tips

If you are from the US, T-Mobile offers decent global data with all their plans. If not, then get a SIM at the Madrid airport or nearest large town that you transit.

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Camino Packing List: Misc Essentials

Stuff Sacks | Sleeping Sack | Small Tote | Permethrin | Duct Tape | Small Knife | Pack Towel | Pillow Case/Wrap | Ziploc Bags | Gear Ties | Pilgrim Credential | Passport | Shell | Tokens From Home | Albergue List | Camino Guide Book

  • Compression stuff sacks or packing cubes.  The 4 litre watertight bags from Sea to Summit will compress your clothes down to a very small bundle and they are waterproof.
  • Silk sleeping sack, such as this one from Sea to Summit…or a very light sleeping bag.
  • Pillow Case (or small wrap/scarf). This performs the multi purpose of a pillow case and something to sit on while eating on the fly.
  • Small tote bag or waist pack for carrying around valuables in the evening.
  • Permethrin insect repellent spray for clothing. Bed bugs are a real thing. If you use this to spray the inside of your pack before you leave, you’ll prevent the little buggars from moving in on you. Good for up to 6 weeks.
  • Small roll of duct tape. Useful for repairs and re-sealing food packages.
  • Small Swiss Army knife or the TSA-friendly Leatherman PS multi-tool which has scissors, pliers and other useful tools but doesn’t have a knife blade.
  • A towel. Some like camping pack towels but I don’t like the texture. Try this light cotton Turkish towel.
  • A few gallon and quart sized ziploc bags. Good for holding snacks and wet items.
  • Gear ties and/or a carabiner. Both are great for hanging laundry from the drying line and dangling stuff from the back of your pack.
  • Pilgrim Credential.
  • Passport.
  • Something with a shell emblem to hang on your bag. It identifies you as a pilgrim.
  • A small rock or other token from home to leave at the Cruz de Ferro. I took along sea glass from the California coastline.
  • Printed list of all albergues and favorite albergues. This list is more complete than the guidebooks and also has information on distances between stages and the services offered in each town. I had an electronic copy of this stored on my iPad but each day I would grab a few of the physical pages to cover the next few days. It helped me plan how far I wanted to walk each day. You can also pick up a copy at the SJPdP pilgrim office.
  • Camino guide book by Brierley. Per my previous bullet, you don’t need this for albergue advice. But the guidebooks are great for providing information on the historical and cultural sites that you will see along the way. In fact, load up on great reads with my Camino book list.
Spain Camino de Santiago backpacks
Find a pack that fits!

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Camino Packing List: Choosing Your Pack

A Camino de Santiago packing list wouldn’t be complete without a discussion of backpacks. I took a 38 litre Gregory bag (which is the pink one in the picture above). A 38 litre pack sounds small but it held everything on this packing list with room for snacks, or rather, large wedges of Spanish cheese. I would have died on the Camino without the cheese. 

You want to give careful consideration for your pack. It’s important to make sure that it’s sized for your gender and torso height and you want to make sure it has key features.

Use our Camino backpack buying guide to get tips on features, fit and suggestions for great packs.

Tips for Managing Your Pack & Keeping it Light

Whichever bag you use, be sure to try it on first and do training walks with a fully loaded bag. You don’t want to find out on the Camino that it rubs you in the wrong spot. You can use our Camino training guide to get training tips and a 12-week planner.

Be committed to keeping your bag light. I took all of the above stuff and still managed to keep my pack around 14 lbs (6.4 kilos), before snacks and water. Pack it several times before you leave and each time, make a point of removing something.

If you already have larger (45+L) bag go ahead and use that but don’t overfill it. You really only need what is in this Camino packing list. If you are already backpacking around Europe with a larger bag and want to do the Camino, then I suggest that you offload some of your unnecessary gear and ship it ahead to Santiago. The luggage storage information can be found here.

Camino de Santiago pilgrim sculptures
I needed every BIT of my rain gear the day I walked past these pilgrim sculptures.

Resources for Camino Planning & Inspiration

El Camino de Santiago hiker Frances trail

Please let me know if you find other useful resources and I’ll add them.

I hope that you find this Camino de Santiago packing list useful. Please contact me or comment below if you have any questions.

Buen Camino!

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Montserrat Bros

Tuesday 7th of September 2021

I have read many lists on how to pack for el Camino. This one brought me to tears when I read the "Bring a token from home" part. Thanks for sharing your experience and for helping me make mine a more prepared one.

Carol Guttery

Tuesday 7th of September 2021

My husband also collected a batch of letter, notes and well wishes from friends and family. They came in quite handy during some of my more difficult moments.

Marcia Medford

Sunday 2nd of February 2020

Speaking of deodorant... I melt some of my favorite brand, currently Tom's of Maine, and pour it into an empty lip balm tube. I find that one of these lasts me about a month.


Tuesday 15th of October 2019

I just came home and can only recommend going and also this list: you need less than you probably think! The lighter your pack, the less risk of blisters is my experience. And yes, on the camino frances you can buy all you need, when/if you need it, so no need to bring a pharmacy of "just in case". Instead of the buff, I took a big, light scarf, that I used fornears and neck on cold mornings and tied in different ways as a skirt or dress or just shawl in the afternoon (leggings underneath, they were my third pair of bottoms).

Carol Guttery

Tuesday 22nd of October 2019

Thanks for the feedback- great idea on the scarf. I've heard of some women using a Turkish towel as a towel/wrap/scarf. It wouldn't work so well as headgear but otherwise does the requisite double duty. You can find them here:


Monday 19th of August 2019

Not all products can be put in my 10-years-old GoToobs. They used to have a long list on their website of products that didn't agree with the GoTube material. The list is no longer on the GoTube website. They may have changed their formula so that it is no longer a problem. Test things ahead of your trip. Or, it may not matter for a short trip.


Tuesday 13th of August 2019

Hi there! Thanks for sharing this with us. I do think this is for the shorter 100km walk, am I correct? I'm intending to walk the 800km of Camino Frances in 1,5 month, do you have any packing lists for that one maybe? Or know where I can find those. Thanks in advance!

Carol Guttery

Thursday 15th of August 2019

This packing list will for for any distance of the Camino. You only need three days of clothes and the other stuff listed here, so whether you do 100/k or 800/k, the pack is the same. In fact, the longer you walk, the more you realize that you don't need a lot of stuff. The Camino is clarifying that way. That said, if you chose to do the walk in colder weather, you'll need to add colder weather gear.

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