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Brisbane vs Sydney: Which City is the Best for Your Next Trip?

Choosing between Brisbane vs Sydney for a vacation is a complex task. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit these two beautiful cities along the east coast of Australia and they boast numerous things. From wonderful weather and world-class beautiful beaches to friendly locals and lots of fun things to do, these two cities on the east coast of Australia have something to suit travelers of all ages.

Hence, if you’re planning a trip to Australia or contemplating a shift between Sydney and Brisbane, read on! I’ve prepared a lot of interesting things for you.

Brisbane vs Sydney

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Quick Comparison

Sydney or Brisbane, which one will choose? Both cities lie on the east coast of Australia, featuring a diverse array of things to do and attraction sites to explore.

  • Brisbane often exudes a lesser sense of hustle and bustle compared to Sydney despite having its central business district and being one of the most populated cities in Australia. The city receives fewer visitors, resulting in reduced congestion.
  • Sydney, a vast and bustling metropolis teeming with tourists, stands as an exhilarating location where the possibilities for exploration are boundless. Compared to other Australian locales, it has a higher price tag, often drawing affluent visitors.

There is much more to uncover in the comparison between Sydney and Brisbane for a vacation. Continue reading, and I will take you through the advantages and disadvantages of each city, beaches, things to do, climate, their geographical position in Australia, and more.

Brisbane vs Sydney Comparison Chart

Please see the comparison chart below of Sydney and Brisbane to know how I scored them:






Very good


Southeasten Queensland

North of Sydney


Excellent Beaches

Very good beaches


Diverse shopping areas

Few options for shopping



More affordable

Number of day trips

A week is enough

Weekend can do

Advantages and Disadvantages of Visiting Brisbane

Although Brisbane is not described as a Big Country Town like its sister in Australia, it has become the best place to visit. From a warm climate and vibrant cultural scene to a diverse range of leisurely activities, this is a nice destination for your trip.

However, there are some downsides to visiting this city, such as the high cost of living, traffic congestion, and natural disasters. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of visiting Brisbane:

Advantages of Touring Brisbane

Here are some of the pros of exploring Brisbane that I’d like to point out:

Advantages of Touring Brisbane
  • Nature-based activities: Brisbane offers the advantage of abundant enjoyable outdoor pursuits that are easily accessible. Moreover, you need not venture beyond Brisbane to embark on thrilling escapades. These pursuits include cruising on a jet ski along the Brisbane River, observing avian wildlife, descending cliffs because of the CBD, and numerous more.
  • Nice climate: The climate in Brisbane is relatively welcoming. While there are a few months of frequent rainfall, it’s predominantly sunny throughout the year and boasts higher temperatures than other major Australian cities. The weather is ideal for relishing outdoor, nature-oriented activities.
  • Fine dining choices: Over the recent years, Brisbane has notably enhanced its culinary landscape. You’ll come across numerous eateries offering exquisite cuisine and a pleasant ambiance. Furthermore, if you fancy a morning repast, Brisbane boasts several French patisseries featuring delectable pastries where you can relish your morning meal.
  • Arts, culture, and events in Brisbane: Brisbane is also a dynamic and bustling metropolis teeming with sports and cultural happenings. South Bank stands out as the renowned cultural hub alongside the Brisbane River. From art exhibits and cultural institutions to stage productions, dance performances, or live music events, Brisbane is consistently abuzz with activity.
  • Transportation: The transportation infrastructure in Brisbane is quite efficient, featuring an array of buses, trains, and ferries. Tunnels and toll bridges contribute to time-saving when using your vehicle. Furthermore, the opportunities for eco-friendly modes of travel, such as walking or biking, are steadily advancing.

Disadvantages of Visiting Brisbane

Here are some of the drawbacks of touring Brisbane:

Disadvantages of Visiting Brisbane

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  • The climate: The climate appears on both the positive and negative sides of considering a visit to Brisbane. While it’s widely accepted that the winter and transitional seasons are stunning, certain individuals may struggle to cope with the muggy conditions and summer storms.
  • It can get a bit sweaty: Indeed, the abundant sunshine is typically delightful, but when that summertime moisture sets in, the situation can become somewhat uncomfortable. Brisbane’s average summer day of 29°C might not align with your preferences if you’re not particularly fond of high temperatures.
  • Parking in the CBD will cost you: It is quite expensive if you can secure a parking spot in the CBD. Should you wish to park on the street in Brisbane for less than an hour, it will set you back more than in any other part of the nation.

Pros and Cons of Visiting Sydney

Now let me shed light on the upsides and downsides of living in the “Harbour City’ Sydney.

Advantages of Visiting Sydney

Check out some of the benefits of touring Sydney:

Advantages of Visiting Sydney

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  • Plenty of upcoming festivals: One aspect for which Sydney enjoys a strong reputation is its way of life. The city is consistently vibrant and offers a multitude of opportunities to explore. Here are a few beloved cultural gatherings in Sydney that cater to families: Chinese New Year Sydney Festival, Mardi Gras Sydney, and Parramasala.
  • Beaches: This city boasts superior beaches than other cities in Australia. Actual soft sand, clear waters, and endless ocean vistas epitomize Australia’s essence. Make your selection for Bondi Beach, Manly Beach, Coogee Beach, and Maroubra.
  • Flora and Fauna: The considerable distance from other nations has enabled Brisbane to preserve its indigenous creatures and flora solely within Australia. Kangaroos, Koalas, Echidnas, Kookaburras, and a diverse array of venomous spiders and serpents are all obligatory sights during your visit.
  • Food and drinks: Throughout the city and its outskirts, there exists a multitude of pubs, dessert establishments, and dining venues, offering a diverse array of culinary options to suit your preferences. Although authentic Australian cuisine may not be abundant, you can relish many other delightful flavors.
  • Multicultural: Depending on your residence or visit in Sydney, you’ll come across pockets of different ethnic communities in the suburban areas. However, you can generally discover a rich tapestry of cuisines representing various cultures from around the world in Sydney.

Drawbacks of Visiting Sydney

Here are some cons of exploring Sydney:

Drawbacks of Visiting Sydney
  • High cost: The high-quality lifestyle in Sydney comes with substantial financial commitment; this city is extremely costly for visitors and residents.
  • Accessing around Sydney is a nightmare: One of the major drawbacks of Sydney is its heavy dependence on automobiles and buses, resulting in significant traffic congestion. During rush hours, when accidents, inclement weather, or extended weekends are on the horizon, the city frequently grinds to a standstill.

Where are Brisbane and Sydney in Australia?

Both Sydney and Brisbane are located along the east coast of Australia, a region known for its higher development and population density than the west coast.

  • Brisbane: Brisbane is positioned north of Sydney, in the southeastern part of Queensland. Its strategic location makes it an ideal starting point for reaching numerous tropical vacation spots known for their delightful, temperate winters.

  • Sydney: On the other hand, Sydney is situated at the southern tip of Australia’s eastern coastline, within New South Wales. While it’s nearer to Melbourne and Adelaide than Brisbane, it’s just a short flight from Queensland.

Beaches: Sydney vs Brisbane

Both Brisbane and Sydney feature beautiful beaches that are worth a visit. If you’re searching for coastal havens, Sydney is the ideal destination. It boasts an extensive, rugged, winding shoreline with stunning beaches. Moreover, you can discover beaches lining the harbor and nestled within secluded bays.

In contrast, Brisbane is situated on Moreton Bay and predominantly features mudflats along its coast. For now, let’s look at some of the best beaches in both Brisbane and Sydney:

Beaches in Sydney

Sydney offers over 100 charming beaches, ranging from tranquil, sheltered inlets and concealed alcoves to bustling surf shores and globally renowned tourist hotspots. Numerous beaches are well-equipped and conveniently reachable from the heart of Sydney.

Some of these beaches include:

  • Bondi Beach: Bondi stands as the most renowned beach in Australia. Some tourists devote their weekends to the ‘Bondi Bubble,’ as it’s lovingly referred to by residents – a complete enclave comprising cafes, eateries, boutiques, and lodgings awaits you here.
Bondi Beach
  • Bronte Beach: This is just a 40-minute shoreline walk from Bondi Beach. It often experiences significant waves, rendering it a favored spot for surf enthusiasts. At the same time, bathers typically make their way to the renowned ocean pool on the southern end of the beach.
  • Manly Beach: Embark on a ferry ride from Circular Quay to the coastal neighborhood of Manly, where you can dip at numerous shorelines, catering to surfers and families alike. Wander along Marine Parade to reach the petite Shelly Beach, a popular location for underwater exploration.
Manly Beach

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Beaches in Brisbane

The sun-soaked and athletically inclined Brisbane stands as a prime choice for those who relish beach life, and the finest beaches in Brisbane will entice you to spend entire days basking in the sunlight, ocean, and waves.

Whether you seek demanding surf breaks or gentler shores ideal for family water play, Brisbane’s finest coastal stretches offer sands to accommodate your preferences. Here are some of the best beaches that you should visit:

  • Suttons BeachSuttons Beach is immensely favored by Brisbane families who adore the seaside. It offers gentle sands, tranquil waters, and ample locations for picnics. Vigilant lifeguards maintain a watchful gaze over the water, rendering it an exceptional choice for young bathers to enjoy a swim.
Suttons Beach
  • Streets Beach: Streets Beach, the sole man-made beach in Australia, allows city dwellers to swim and soak up the sun within the urban landscape. Positioned along the south bank of the meandering Brisbane River and featuring its crystalline lagoon, this expanse of palm-fringed ivory sand forms a striking juxtaposition with the neighboring skyscrapers and retail establishments.
  • Main Beach: Renowned for its demanding waves, strikingly picturesque setting, and chances for observing whales, Main Beach is a superb choice for those who love the great outdoors, as it offers various campgrounds and conveniently positioned areas for al fresco dining.
Main Beach

Things To Do in Sydney

While Sydney may not be the official title of Australia’s capital city, it undeniably serves as the nation’s primary hub for business and culture. This status ensures numerous activities and attractions, whether you’re a visitor or a resident.

Discover some of the things to do while in Sydney:

  • Explore the Sydney Harbour: The breathtaking beauty of Sydney Harbour, with its extensive 150 miles of shoreline and vast waters, establishes it as the most stunning natural harbor globally. Overlooking the harbor’s waters, the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge rises majestically. Yet, for the most spectacular perspective of Sydney Harbour, you should explore Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair, located at the extremity of a nearby peninsula.
  • Tour the Sydney Opera House: This renowned structure boasts more than 1 million tiles across its four roof sections and six theater and music venues featuring exceptional sound quality. Guests can also enjoy vibrant violet rugs and panoramic vistas of Sydney Harbour and the Sydney Harbour Bridge during their visit to the Sydney Opera House.
  • Surfing: If you are heading to Sydney beaches, you can surf on one of them. Some of the best Sydney beaches for surfing include Bondi Beach, Manly Beach, Tamarama Beach, and Bronte Beach.
  • Take a trip to Sydney National Parks: If nature interests you, visiting Sydney will be the right place to relax and explore its natural beauty. There are multiple national parks within the city and areas of bushland and rainforest. Some of the national parks include Sydney Harbour and Blue Mountains National Park.
Sydney Harbour National Park
  • Explore the New South Wales Art Gallery: This historic location is within the identical park complex that accommodates the Royal Botanic Garden and Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair. Explore a selection of indigenous, colonial, and modern art exhibits at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.
  • Dine at the top-notch Sydney Hotels: Gateway Sydney is a good place to start, a vibrant precinct with more than 30 casual eateries covering all types of cuisine. Grab some snacks and drinks in Capella Sydney Restaurants and Dining.

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Things To Do in Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane may not boast Sydney’s renowned landmarks, but it remains a vibrant city with numerous activities to enjoy. If there’s one area in Brisbane that you visit, it’s South Bank. Here are some of the things to do in Brisbane:

  • Relax at Streets Beach: Streets Beach is a man-made beach along the Brisbane River. It is one of the amazing beaches in Brisbane where you can relax on the sand, sunbathe, and take a swim. Additionally, some excellent art collections, museums, and marketplaces are in the vicinity.
Streets Beach
  • Tour the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art: If you have a passion for art, these two historical sites in South Bank should be your top priority to tour. It’s regarded as among the finest art galleries in Australia, with a collection of more than 16,000 artworks spanning various historical periods and modern and contemporary art.
  • Visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary: The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is situated in Fig Tree Pocket, a mere twelve kilometers from the heart of Brisbane. Discover more than seventy varieties of Australian native animals in a stunning, natural bush environment at the planet’s inaugural and largest koala sanctuary.
Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
Credit:, @Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
  • Go island hopping: Brisbane features breathtaking islands along its shoreline, ranging from well-known options like Stradbroke and Moreton to relaxed retreats like Bribie and Coochiemudlo. Board the passenger ferry and link up with local bus choices on the isle for a day excursion, or transport your vehicle across the barge for a weekend escape.
  • Watch the sunrise from Mt Coot-tha: Just a quarter of an hour from the city center, the Mt Coot-tha reserve stands as Brisbane’s most extensive natural expanse. Bring your camera and make an early ascent to witness the sunrise from Brisbane’s loftiest spot, followed by a delightful breakfast at the cafe.
  • Explore the Sunshine Coast: Discover magnificent shorelines bordered by natural surroundings and trace hiking paths to discover concealed waterfalls within lush forests. Moreover, the Sunshine Coast is the ideal destination for trekking, mountain biking, cycling, kayaking, sailing, angling, underwater diving, rock scaling, golf, and snowshoeing.
  • Dine at the top-notch restaurants: Once you are exhausted exploring the iconic landmarks and nature of Brisbane, embark on a gastronomic adventure through Brisbane’s top-notch coffee houses, dining establishments, and pubs. Some top-notch eateries include Agnus in Fortitude Valley and Otto at South Bank.

Nightlife Sydney vs Brisbane

Sydney’s nightlife is vibrant, particularly in terms of bars and open-air beer gardens. Outstanding bars and beer gardens are scattered across various areas, from the waterfront to the inner western districts, and some of the waterside establishments are truly exceptional. Some of the nightlife venues include:

Oxford Art Factory

Brisbane’s nightlife is thriving, catering to a wide range of preferences, whether you’re seeking fashionable bars, late-night club experiences, or a few drinks while overlooking the river with your friends. Here are some places that host nightlife:

  • The Tivoli;
The Tivoli
Credit:, @The Tivoli Brisbane
  • The Zoo;
  • The Triffids;
The Triffids
  • Fortitude Valley.

Which Has The Best Food? Sydney or Brisbane

If you have a penchant for upscale dining, Sydney certainly outshines Brisbane. The options are more abundant, and the dining establishments are renowned for consistently delivering top-tier quality. Here are some of the dishes that came to my liking:

  • Barramundi;
  • Sydney rock oyster;
Sydney rock oyster
  • Australian prawns;
  • Bacon and egg roll.
Bacon and egg roll

Brisbane excels in providing opportunities for informal dining featuring delectable, budget-friendly cuisine, which is a facet that Sydney lacks. Some of the cuisines in Brisbane include:

  • Katsu Sando;
Katsu Sando
  • Zucchini Chips;
  • Duck Ragu Pappardelle;
Duck Ragu Pappardelle
  • Chicken.

Weather in Sydney vs Brisbane

Brisbane and Sydney are situated along Australia’s eastern coastline; however, they are separated by a considerable ten-hour drive. As a result, their climates exhibit notable distinctions. Let’s compare the average temperature in Sydney vs Brisbane:

Weather in Sydney vs Brisbane

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  • During January, the average temperature in Sydney, during summer, averages around 26.0 degrees, whereas in Brisbane, it registers at approximately 29.1 degrees.
  • In the winter, Brisbane experiences a moderate average high temperature of 20.4 degrees in July, while Sydney has a cooler 16.4 degrees.

When is the Best Time to Visit Sydney or Brisbane?

The best time to explore Sydney and Brisbane ranges from September to November and March to May. These timeframes straddle the line between cities’ peak and off-peak seasons, delivering agreeable weather conditions and a reasonable number of tourists.

The Best Time to Visit Sydney or Brisbane

Which Is Best For Shopping? Sydney vs Brisbane

If you need to take home some Australian products, Sydney is the best destination to go for shopping. A delightful blend of shopping streets, contemporary malls, and local fashion boutiques awaits. Examples of shopping areas include:

  • The Rocks;
  • The Queen Victoria Building;
  • Strand Arcade.

Brisbane is a highly sought-after shopping hub, ranking among Queensland’s top cities for retail therapy. Examples of shopping centers include:

  • Queen Street Mall;
  • James Street.

Which Is Better For Day Trips?

If you need a day trip, you should opt for Sydney or Brisbane? In both cases it will be hard to fit in 1 day, but here’s the duration that I recommend for you:

  • For Sydney ranges from 3 to 7 days;
  • While 2 to 3 days is adequate for Brisbane.

Let’s take a look at what a day trip or a weekend trip can offer you.


You can choose one of the following day trips to explore Sydney:

  • Spend the Day at Avalon Beach: There are numerous compelling factors for considering Avalon as a destination for day trips from Sydney. Dedicate your day to discovering the charming boutiques in Avalon, along with the plethora of coffee houses and dining establishments at your disposal.
Avalon Beach
  • Go on a Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park walk: Unearth rich history and scenic vistas at Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, a 50-minute drive north of Sydney. Enjoy stunning panoramas from West Head Lookout, where you can gaze from Pittwater to the Central Coast.
  • Spend two to three days at Sourtherb Highlands: The Southern Highlands of New South Wales comprises rural communities nestled amid undulating hills and state woodlands. In Bowral, you can explore the Bradman Centre, a cricket exhibition dedicated to Australia’s most renowned athlete, Sir Donald Bradman.
Sourtherb Highlands

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You can plan your vacation to Brisbane based on the following day trips:

  • Mountain day trips: Prospective day-trippers have a variety of charming coastal villages to select from in the north and east of Brisbane, as well as scenic rural communities for antiquing and unhurried brunches or teatime. There are also mountain communities with rainforests, hiking trails, and scenic drives that lead to breathtaking views and cliffside cafés.
Mountain day trips
  • Scenic Rim: No compilation of Brisbane day excursions would be comprehensive without acknowledging the Scenic Rim. Situated just one hour’s drive to the south of the city, this extensive region encompasses diverse landscapes, ranging from abundant rainforests and cascades to wineries and vintage shops.
  • Spend a day at Toowoomba: Hop into your vehicle and embark on a 1.5-hour journey heading west from Brisbane to reach Toowoomba. Surprisingly, Toowoomba has been discreetly nurturing a fantastic culinary scene.

Nature and Beauty of Sydney Compared to Brisbane

Both Sydney and Brisbane feature a fantastic nature that attracts visitors.


Brisbane boasts a striking cityscape and delightful green spaces, including:

  • Botanical Gardens: For a splendid urban oasis that allows you to connect with nature, consider a visit to either the City Botanic Gardens along the Brisbane River or the Brisbane Botanic Gardens at Mt Coot-tha.
Brisbane Botanic Gardens
  • South Bank: Explore South Bank’s immaculate Parklands, take a dip in the renowned Streets Beach, or unwind in the extensive nearly 15 hectares of meadows within South Bank Parklands, which include complimentary grilling facilities, authorized picnic zones, and two vibrant play areas.
  • Mount Coot-tha: Mt Coot-tha is an iconic feature of Brisbane, serving as a scenic backdrop to the city. Encompassing over 1600 hectares of open eucalyptus woodland, lush rainforest valleys, and meandering streams, Mt Coot-tha Reserve connects with the southeastern portion of D’Aguilar National Park.

Additionally, it offers abundant natural beauty in its vicinity, encompassing national parks, hinterland, and islands.


Sydney’s botanic gardens and parks are remarkable, and the city has abundant natural allure. You’ll discover numerous:

  • National parks: Discover the meandering coves and archipelago of Sydney Harbour National Park, and venture to the southern regions of Sydney for exceptional wilderness hiking and off-road cycling adventures within the Royal National Park’s natural surroundings.
Royal National Park
  • Rainforests and Blue Mountains: Sydney boasts exceptional rainforest treks of international caliber. Whether you explore the lush northern rainforests or wander through the foggy gorges of the Blue Mountains, you’ll find yourself consistently amazed by these remarkable natural marvels.
  • Centennial Parklands: Centennial Parklands is a lively verdant area that provides various options for guests. Whether you prefer horseback riding and biking, or observing avian wildlife and enjoying an outdoor meal, the park is a sanctuary for those who love outdoor pursuits.
Centennial Parklands

Where To Stay According To Your Budget

Both Brisbane and Sydney offer the best places to relax or spend a night for budget-friendly travelers and high-class explorers. Let’s look at some places to stay according to your pocket.


If you’re searching for recommendations for the finest cost-effective and upscale lodgings in Sydney infused with local knowledge, you’ve arrived at the ideal destination.

Whether you’re journeying with a limited budget or favor allocating your funds toward culinary experiences and attractions, I’ve curated a selection of top-notch economical and deluxe places to stay.

Best Budget Accommodations

Here are some of the places you can stay without breaking your bank:

  • Russell HotelConveniently situated within a stunning historic structure on George Street, right at the entrance to the Rocks district, the Russell Hotel is a boutique establishment offering various room options and rates. The amenities at this location are impeccably maintained, and the level of service is top-notch.
Russell Hotel
  • Song HotelPositioned across from the southern extremity of Hyde Park and in proximity to a bustling junction that leads to Kings Cross, this establishment offers an array of room dimensions, including singles, doubles, and a limited number of quadruple occupancy rooms.
  • Shangri-La SydneyBoasting vistas of Sydney Harbour, the Sydney Opera House, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Shangri-La Sydney is close to numerous venues and features a pool and a hot tub. It is conveniently positioned just from The Rocks and Circular Quay.
Shangri-La Sydney

Best Luxury Accommodation

Here are some of the best luxury accommodations in Sydney:

  • Crown TowersIn Sydney’s inaugural six-star hotel, where the endless pool offers panoramic views of Sydney Harbour, you have the option to request poolside meals from your exclusive cabana, which also comes equipped with secure storage, a platter of cheeses, a minibar, and a television. The establishment houses 349 guest quarters, each featuring king-size beds adorned with opulent beddings and Jaspa Herington down cushions.
  • The Bayswater Sydney, Kings Cross: The Bayswater Sydney provides sophisticated and fashionable opulent lodgings at budget-friendly rates. Here, you can immerse yourself in the peculiarities and allure of a small-scale historical tower while enjoying a four-star hotel’s amenities.
The Bayswater Sydney


From elevating your summer vacation with elegant indoor spaces to presenting a lavish residence that might compel you to transport the bed, Brisbane is brimming with top-notch, cost-effective, and high-end lodging alternatives. Here are the best budget and luxury accommodations in Brisbane:

Best Budget Accommodations

Here are some of the best budget accommodations in Brisbane:

  • The Johnson: The Johnson offers exceptional value, especially when you consider the spaciousness of its rooms. The standard studio suite generally covers an area of about 40 square meters. Still, for a comparable price, guests can enhance their experience by pre-paying and upgrading to a deluxe studio suite with a higher floor and a bit more space.
The Johnson
  • Aussie Way Backpackers: If you’re a fan of guesthouses, Aussie Way Backpackers is likely the cream of the crop among the numerous lodgings in the city. Once you see this delightful establishment within an antiquated heritage-listed Queenslander terrace, any reservations about its name will be forgiven.

Best Luxury Accommodation

Check out some of the high-end lodging options in Brisbane:

  • W Hotel: Nestled at the river’s edge near the lower end of Ann Street, W Brisbane’s extravagant accommodations offer splendid vistas of South Bank. When not unwinding by the luxurious pool, visitors can savor a drink at the nearby vibrant WET Deck or partake in a meal at the in-house Three Blue Ducks eatery.
W Hotel
  • The Calile Hotel: A sub-tropical retreat in the heart of Brisbane’s urban landscape? Introducing The Calile, the lavish city resort on the renowned James Street in Fortitude Valley. Serving as a destination in and of itself, The Calile’s pool takes center stage at the hotel, a locale where the commotion vanishes, and lounging in luxurious cabanas while gazing at the sky reigns supreme.
The Calile Hotel

Which Is Cheaper?

In general, Brisbane is more cheaper than Sydney. The expenditures encompass lodging, meals, travel, and recreational activities are the next:

  • The average daily expenditure per individual in Sydney is $281;
  • Whereas in Brisbane amounts to $128.


Is it better to live in Sydney or Brisbane?

Brisbane is more budget-friendly than Sydney and has fewer crowds, although employment opportunities can be scarcer. However, Sydney has lots of great scenery and sandy beaches, and securing a job is not a big deal. Therefore, it is better to live in Sydney than Brisbane.

Is Brisbane more expensive than Sydney?

No. Brisbane is less expensive compared to Sydney. Everything seems to be more affordable in Brisbane than in Sydney, from housing expenses and dining to outdoor activities.

Is Brisbane city bigger than Sydney?

No, Brisbane is notably smaller than Sydney and is situated approximately 1000 kilometers to the north in the state of Queensland.


Choosing between Brisbane vs Sydney can be challenging. Both cities have beautiful beaches, diverse cultures, and stunning natural beauty. However, if you are after lively nightlife, diverse sights to see, world-class beaches, terrific culinary options, and shopping, opt for Sydney.

If your interest is all about somewhere cheaper, calmer, and simpler, which is less crowded, Brisbane is the destination to look for. Next time, you will enjoy your vacation in either of the two Australian cities after getting this fantastic guided tour. Therefore, please share it with your friends so that they can make a nice destination on their next vacation.

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Brisbane vs Sydney