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Bali vs Maldives: Which One is Better for the Perfect Vacation?

Choosing between the tropical islands of Bali vs Maldives can be challenging. This is why I have written this article so you can get an insight into what each island offers. I shall also highlight the benefits and drawbacks of visiting the two islands and their fun activities. 

Let us not waste any time and jump into the quick comparison!

Bali vs Maldives

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A Quick Comparison of Bali vs Maldives

You can be overwhelmed when choosing between Bali vs Maldives, mainly because these two islands are distinct in their offerings. Should you go to Maldives, located in the Indian Ocean south of Sri Lanka? Or should you settle on Indonesia’s most famous island of Bali?

Here is what you should know before making your decision:

  • Amazing beaches, pristine water, and a fascinating array of local cultures await you at these two gorgeous island getaways.
  • The beaches in Bali are public compared to those in Maldives, where most are privately owned. 
  • Both the Maldives and Bali are perfect for snorkeling and swimming. 

But wait, there is more! Keep reading to discover the upsides and downsides of each island, their most popular activities, cost of living, culture, food aspects, and so on! I will shortly get there, but let us first look at the comparison chart of the two islands.

Comparison Chart of Bali vs Maldives

I have compiled the following comparison chat to help you understand how the two islands compare better and easily. Here it is:





Nyang Nyang, Uluwatu

Dhigurah Beach, Hulhumale Beach

Best time to visit

Visit April to October when there is a warm climate

December to April


Found in Indonesia

Located in the Indian Ocean

Cost of a 7-day trip



Fun activities

Stunning waterfalls, hiking.

Perfect for water-based activities like snorkeling, diving, jet skiing, and fishing.


Seminyak, Legian, Kuta

Underwater Party at Subsix, Jazz nights


Traditional meals like Babi Guling (roasted suckling pig) and Nasi Goreng (fried rice)

Maldivian flavors with Indian spices. Examples are biryani, roti, and curry.

Shall we now look at the advantages and disadvantages of visiting both Bali and the Maldives?

Benefits and Drawbacks of Visiting Bali

Bali, an Indonesian island, is known for its stunning tropical rainforest. The island offers many extraordinary things to do. 

Benefits of Visiting Bali

Here are the advantages of visiting Bali:

Benefits of Visiting Bali
  • Natural wonders: You will find jungles, cliffs, magnificent waterfalls, caves, and beaches on the Island of Bali.
  • Exotic island: Bali is among the most incredible islands in the world. The view is breathtaking.
  • Unique culture: It is mainly Muslim, but it has evolved its heritage and traditions.  
  • Fantastic beaches: Get to experience the jungle, meeting the shore.
  • Friendly locals: The residents of Bali are known to be welcoming and friendly.
  • Incredible wildlife: Marine life is considered to be among the most bio-diverse in the globe

Downsides of Visiting Bali

There is no denying that Bali offers a lot of good things. However, there are some drawbacks one might experience while visiting the island. They include:

Downsides of Visiting Bali
  • Stray dogs: I have nothing against dogs, but the ones found in the streets are in bad condition and can be found almost everywhere. 
  • Overcrowded: Many people come to Bali for their holidays, and the once-used rice fields are now replaced with resorts. 
  • Insecurities: Bali has a reputation for frequent money scams. Be careful when visiting the ATM.
  • Pollution: The island is polluted, and there is trash in most parts of the island.

Those are the merits and challenges of visiting Bali Island. Let us see what Maldives offers. 

Benefits and Downsides of Visiting The Maldives

Maldives is a dream destination for many people. But why is this so? This is mainly because of the many advantages associated with the Maldives.

Benefits of Visiting Maldives in the Indian Ocean

Some advantages that draw people here include the following:

Benefits of Visiting Maldives in the Indian Ocean

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  • Plenty of activities: Many fun activities are here, such as swimming with the sharks, canoeing, kayaking, and jet-skiing. 
  • Beautiful beaches: Enjoy the best stunning beaches with crystal-clear Clear Water.
  • Magnificent sunsets: Enjoy the beautiful orange hue as the sun sets over the ocean.
  • Delicious food: The cuisine here is a mix of Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian, and Indian flavors.
  • Friendly people: The people in Maldives are friendly and warm.
  • Perfect weather: You don’t have to worry about floods, snow, or extreme temperatures.

Downsides of Visiting Maldives

Yes, Maldives is a perfect vacation destination, but it has its fair share of challenges. They include:

Downsides of Visiting Maldives
  • Expensive: The cost of food, accommodation, and travel costs are incredibly high. 
  • Less cultural attractions: The only activities are water-based. 
  • Transportation: Local transportation to move around the island is not readily available. 

There you have it! The benefits and drawbacks of both Bali and Maldives. Let us now look at the 14 major distinctions between the two islands so you can pick your vacation destination by the end.

Where to Find Bali and Maldives

Both Bali and Maldives are in Asia. While Bali is only to the south of the Equator, the Maldives are to the north. 

Where Is Bali?

Bali, a stunning tropical island in the Indian Ocean, spans an area of 5,780 square kilometers. It’s a peninsula of Indonesia that sits east of the Maldives.

Where Is Maldives?

The Maldives are a group of isolated island republic located far to the west in the Indian Ocean. There are 26 individual atolls to explore, all with stunning coral reefs and other exotic plants. Over 1200 beautiful islands and atolls make up the Maldives, an island nation famous for its:

  • White sand beaches;
  • Colorful coral reefs;
  • Rich marine life.

Now you know where you can find each island. Let us now look at what you can expect when you go there in terms of beaches and landscape.

Bali vs Maldives: Which Has the Most Beautiful Beaches?

Both Bali and Maldives have the best beaches, so let’s explore some of them.

Bali’s Beaches

Bali is a volcanic island with plenty of sandy beaches. Thus, its scenery ranges from the ocean to the mountains, with tropical forests, paddy fields, and jungles in between. There’s a wide range of topics covered. Here are the stunning beaches in Bali:

  • Seminyak Beach: It has everything you want: beach bars, five-star hotels, and a place to perfect your surfing skills. 
Seminyak Beach
  • Nusa Dua Beach: This is a stunning beach that is perfect for families. Nusa Dua Beach is a stunning, apparently unending white sand that nearly appears manmade. 
  • Jimbaran Bay: Do you want to eat along the seashore, admiring the beautiful sea view? Head on to Jimbaran Bay. 
Jimbaran Bay

Maldives’s Beaches

The tropical beauty of the Maldives is complemented by an unbroken calm, making it a popular destination for honeymoons and restful getaways. Some of the pristine white sand beaches include:

  • Hulhumale Beach: This is among the most stunning beaches in Maldives, for good reasons. It has crystal clear turquoise waters to sunbathe, scuba dive, and snorkel.
Hulhumale Beach
  • Kurumba Beach: Looking for the perfect place to spend your honeymoon? Kurumba Beach will not let you down.
  • Vabbinfaru Island Beaches: Perfect for Jet Skiing.
Vabbinfaru Island Beaches
  • Dhigurah Beach: This beach is perfect if you want to experience the once-in-a-lifetime adrenaline rush of diving With Whale Sharks. 

Those are the beaches you can find on the islands. However, beaches are not the only attractions in these two destinations. Let me highlight the fun activities you can partake in during your visit.

10 Fun Must-Do Activities in Bali

There are plenty of activities you can partake in during your visit that will guarantee you won’t get bored. You can:

  • Go hiking a volcano: Take on a challenge and ascend Mount Agung or Mt. Batur for stunning sunrise vistas.
Mount Agung, Bali
  • Go diving on reefs: Discover the rich marine life and brilliant coral reefs of Bali’s lively underwater environment.
  • Attend craft and art fairs: At Ubud’s renowned art market, get one-of-a-kind gifts and learn about regional workmanship.
  • Go rafting through rapids: Traverse Bali’s waterways and rapids to feel the surge of adrenaline.
Go rafting in Bali
  • Scootering through the jungle: By renting a scooter, take an excursion across Bali’s gorgeous jungles, West Bali National Park, and undiscovered waterfalls.
  • Visit terraced rice fields and temples: Visit famous temples with breathtaking natural settings, such as Tanah Lot or Uluwatu.
  • Go for yoga getaways: Bali’s calm surroundings are the ideal place to practice yoga to unwind and discover oneself.
Yoga in Bali
  • Experience the culture: Integrate yourself into the community. Participate in customary Balinese rites or discover the island’s diverse cultural history.
  • Discover hidden gems: Find lesser-known treasures like remote beaches, hidden waterfalls, or beautiful rice terraces.
  • Scuba dive in the waterfalls: Cool down in the natural ponds behind flowing waterfalls like Sekumpul or Git Git.
Sekumpul waterfall in Bali

10 Fun Must-Do Activities in Maldives

The Maldives, in contrast to Bali, are incredibly flat. The Maldives have a very low average elevation, with the highest point barely 7 feet above sea level! Fun activities include:

  • Engage in fun water activities: This is the primary reason why you should visit Maldives. What’s an island without water sports? Some sports include canoeing, kayaking, jet-skiing, sea bobbing, rollerblading, and snorkeling.
  • Dine underwater: Eat in an underground restaurant surrounded by beautiful views and marine life. 
  • Experience the magic of bioluminescent water at night: Visit Raa Atoll’s Vaadhoo Island to view the stars and envy the Indian Ocean’s lively Sea of Stars. As a defense strategy, phytoplankton dinoflagellates release luminous toxins in time with the motion of the waves, scaring away big fish and other predators.
  • Go shark swimming: See them up close at Maaya Thila and Baa and Ari atolls. Visit during their feeding time for a better view.
  • Beachside leisure time: The beaches are clean, and you can only see the vast bluish-green Indian Ocean.
Beachside leisure time

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  • Appreciate the Maldive way of life: Experience the Bodu Beru, the popular Maldivian folk dance performed most evenings on the beach. Take the Dhoni boat and interact with the locals.
  • Try a spa treatment: The Maldives are well known for their luxurious water villas and spas, where visitors may relax their bodies and minds with unique therapies. Huvafen Fushi and Kuda Huraa are underwater spas that offer massages.
Underwater spas in Maldives
  • Savor the food: Enjoy local food like Tuna with Maldivian Curry, Garudhiya, Mashumi Roshi Tuna, and Chapati.
  • Get wet and explore the reef: Visit Kuda Huraa for its warm water and see sea turtles, manta rays, and barracuda.
  • Live on the ocean: Enjoy your honeymoon in the overwater private villas. 
  • See the world’s greatest buildings: Including the Grand Friday Mosque. It is at the Islamic Centre with Arabic calligraphy, a glistening golden dome, and wall wood carvings.
Grand Friday Mosque in Maldives

It is evident that you won’t be bored whether you choose to vacation in Bali or Maldives.

Bali vs Maldives: Which Island Has the Most Delicious Food?

When it comes to food, both Bali and Maldives are very distinct. Let us look at each island’s cuisine. 

Bali’s Food Culture

Bali has a thriving cuisine scene with many options to please every foodie. Some of the best Balinese cuisine worth trying include:

  • Spicy delights: Balinese food is well-known for its robust tastes and aromatic spices. Traditional meals like Babi Guling (roasted suckling pig) and Nasi Goreng (fried rice) have delicious spices like coriander, turmeric, chili peppers, and lemongrass.
Babi Guling
  • Delicious seafood: Bali is a seafood lover’s heaven, with delicious options like juicy grilled fish and prawns. Dine on fish straight from the catch at one of the local markets or on a plate of delicious cuisine at one of the many beachside restaurants.
  • An experience with street food: Try some street food at Bali’s lively night markets to taste the local cuisine. Try some hot Bakso (meatball soup), Sate Lilit (minced meat skewers with spices), or some crunchy Martabak (stuffed pancakes).
  • Ubud’s flavorful food culture: Bali’s artistic epicenter, Ubud, has various restaurants to suit any taste. This lovely town has various restaurants, from hip vegan cafes to elegant farm-to-table establishments.
  • Bali’s customary feast: Attend a Megibung, a Balinese cultural feast, to fully immerse oneself in the island’s traditions. Dishes like bebek betutu (slow-cooked duck) and lawar (spicy mixed veggies) are just two of the many options at this feast, all served family-style on banana leaves.
  • Vegan and vegetarian choices are available: Bali is not as accommodating to vegans as other popular travel destinations, but vegetarians and vegans will still find plenty to eat. Several eateries prepare tasty vegetarian and vegan options using seasonal, locally grown ingredients.
  • Desserts made using exotic fruits: Don’t leave Bali without trying some wonderful tropical fruits they offer. Try some mangosteen, durian, and coconut water off the coconut tree.
  • Culinary arts lessons: Take a cooking lesson in Bali to sharpen your abilities in the kitchen. Prepare traditional Balinese fare utilizing time-honored methods and ingredients from the area.
  • Grocery stores: Explore the vibrant food markets of Bali, such as Ubud Market and Pasar Badung, to stock up on fresh ingredients, exotic spices, and tasty regional specialties. Immerse yourself in the lively scene by trying out the local fare and chatting with the helpful merchants.
  • Local restaurants: Dine at one of Bali’s five-star resorts for a taste of the fine dining experience. Experience delicious foreign and local cuisines at magnificent brunches or romantic beachside dinners.
Local restaurants in Bali

How does Maldives food culture differ? Let us find out. 

Maldives Food Culture

The Maldives’ cuisine is one of a kind because it fuses authentic Maldivian flavors with Indian spices. Some of the best of the Maldives’ culinary scene include:

  • Delicious seafood: The Maldives are a seafood lover’s dream because pristine oceans surround them. Indulge in a wide selection of delicious preparations of seafood harvested recently.
  • Hot and spicy food: Many hot peppers and additional aromatic spices are used in traditional Maldivian meals, giving them their signature spiciness.
Maldivian meals
  • Fortified rice wine: The native fortified rice wine is called Raa and is traditionally brewed. It plays a pivotal role in various events and festivities in the Maldives.
  • Banana or plantain leaves: Banana leaves add a distinctive scent and taste to traditional Maldivian cuisine when they are used while cooking the food.
  • To drink palm sap: Toddy is a tasty beverage created by fermenting the sap of coconut palms. Its mildly sweet flavor makes it a hit with the community.
Toddy drink in Maldives
  • Choices for vegetarians: Vegetarians can find many options in the Maldives, from hotel menus to independent eateries.
  • India’s impact: There are many Indian influences in Maldivian food because of the country’s proximity to India. Enjoy some tasty biryani, roti, and curry.
  • Classical dining establishments: Some hotels provide unique eating opportunities, such as dinner for two on the shoreline or undersea meals in the company of fish and other aquatic life.
  • There is a wide variety of resort restaurants to choose from: Most Maldives restaurants are located within resorts, providing local fare and foods from around the world.
Resort restaurants in Maldives

Plenty of choices exist, so you do not have to worry about food availability. Let’s see how you can spend your nights.

Bali vs Maldives: Party or No Party at Night?

You will be quite surprised with what each island has to offer. Let us start with the nightlife in Bali.

Nightlife When You Visit Bali

The nightlife in Bali welcomes people of all ages, backgrounds, and financial means. Bali’s nightlife includes:

  • Beach clubs where you may party till the early morning hours to the sounds of live DJs; 
  • Nightclubs where you can let free;
  • Rooftop pubs;
  • Theater performance;
  • A relaxing sunset dinner cruise. 
Nightlife When You Visit Bali
Credit:, @Hatch

These Bali nightlife options showcase the island’s full spectrum of offerings. The epicenter of nightlife in Bali, with dozens of bars, pubs, and nightclubs, are:

  • Seminyak;
  • Legian;
  • Kuta.

They all offer something different to the city’s steady stream of partygoers. However, those seeking a more tranquil evening out can head to:

  • Sanur;
  • Nusa Dua;
  • Ubud. 

Get ready to dance the night away in the company of your friends!

Nightlife When You Visit Maldives

Maldives provides a good mix of thrills, romance, and lively nightlife. Contrary to popular belief, Maldives nightlife offers a wide variety of activities. You have the option of:

Nightlife When You Visit Maldives
  • Watching crab races and jungle movies;
  • Clubbing;
  • Bar hopping. 

You may be sure to find the most incredible nightlife in the following locations:

  • Underwater Party at Subsix;
Credit:, @Doreen Foo
  • Sing at Karaoke Room in Aaaveee;
  • White Night Party at Kuredu;
  • Jazz Nights And Live Bands at Kurumba;
  • Fish at night in Bandos Beach.
Fish at night in Bandos Beach

You are guaranteed an exhilarating nightlife, whichever destination you settle on.

Bali vs Maldives: Differences in Culture

Both Bali and the Maldives have fascinating cultural experiences that will enchant you. Let’s examine the distinctive Maldivian culture and Bali’s rich cultural history in more detail.

Bali’s Culture

Bali is recognized for having a strong Hindu background. This is evident in the stunning temples dotted around the island. Each temple provides a window into the island’s spiritual side. They include:

  • The magnificent Ulun Danu Beratan Temple is situated within Lake Beratan;
 Ulun Danu Beratan Temple
  • Tanah Lot Temple is perched on a rocky outcrop.

Other features that make up their culture include:

  • Traditional dances: Kecak Fire Dance narrates the tale of Ramayana. Other dances are the fierce Barong Dance and Legong Dance.
Kecak Fire Dance
  • Vibrant festivals: Such include the Nyepi festival(the Day of Silence) and the Galungan festival (to celebrate the winning of goodness over evil).
Galungan festival

Maldives Culture

Due to its distinctive geographic setting in the Indian Ocean, many cultures have historically impacted the Maldives. Its cultural encounters show the effects of this fusion of cultures. Other features of the culture are:

  • Religion: Although Islam is the prevalent religion, Buddhist influences can be found in some parts of the country. 
  • Museums: Visit the Maldives National Museum to understand the rich history better. 
Maldives National Museum
  • Traditional dances: Captivating local Maldivian dances, such as the Thaara dance and Bodu Beru dance at the local islands.

Both Bali and Maldives have fascinating cultures that will enhance your trip. If I had to choose, I’d say that Bali stands out due to the complexity and vibrancy of its everyday culture. Plus, unlike in the Maldives, you won’t be confined to the private island resorts and will be free to explore different areas in search of cultural wonders.

Bali vs Maldives: How Will You Arrive at Your Destination?

As I had previously mentioned, both Maldives and Bali are in Asia. So, how will you get to your destination from the US?

Bali vs Maldives: How Will You Arrive at Your Destination
  • Bali: When departing from the eastern coast of the United States using direct flights, the duration and expenses associated with traveling to Bali are significantly reduced. The estimated journey time is approximately 20 hours and an approximate cost of $800. 
  • Maldives: To access the Maldives, travelers should be prepared for an extensive journey. It will take around 25 hours of travel time, including many layovers, and an estimated cost of $1000.

What Should You Do After You Arrive?

Bali is a massive island with an international airport, so its accessibility should not be overlooked:

What Should You Do After You Arrive in Bali
  • Transportation to your hotel will be arranged via private car or taxi upon arrival.
  • Most of Bali’s hotels can be reached from Ngurah Rai International Airport within two hours. 

When visiting the Maldives, you’ll touch down at Malè International Airport. Most resorts are spread across multiple islands.

  • To reach your lodging, you will require boats or seaplanes.
  • Travel time can increase by several hours if your hotel is located on one of the more remote islands.
  • Alternatively, a motorboat trip to the nearest islands might just take half an hour.
What Should You Do After You Arrive in The Maldives

Which Island Has the Better Climate Between Bali vs Maldives

The typical tourist would have difficulty deciding between the two islands due to their similar tropical climates. There are two distinct monsoon periods on both islands: 

  • The first runs from June until September.
  • The second runs from November until March. 

Significant climatic variations still exist between the two areas, which should be considered while deciding. 

Bali’s Climate

Temperatures in Bali range from a high of approximately 33 degrees to a low of about 22 degrees Celsius, with an average of about 28 degrees. Important things to know are:

Bali’s Climate

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  • It gets the hottest in May and the coolest in January. 
  • The sunniest month is April, with an average of 9 hours daily. As a result, despite the heat, the summer is the greatest time to visit the island to make the most of the pleasant climate and many hours of daylight. 
  • Rain falls on average for 16 days in January, totaling 90-100mm, making it the wettest month. 
  • The average temperature of the sea is a pleasant 29 degrees Celsius.

Let us now see how the Maldives climate differs.

Maldives Climate

Compared to Bali, Maldives average temperatures are a comfortable 29 degrees Celsius, with March becoming the hottest month. Keep in mind that:

Maldives Climate
  • The temperature varies from a high of 33 C to a low of 24 C. 
  • While February has an astounding 10 hours of sunshine, January is the coldest month overall. 
  • In September, the Maldives get around 245 millimeters of rain, with rain falling on 16 of the month’s 30 days. 
  • April is the finest month to swim because the ocean’s temperature is pleasant at 30 degrees Celsius.

With this information, can you determine the best time to travel to your vacation destination? Well, let me highlight it for you.

When Should You Travel to Bali and Maldives?

Considering what we have discussed above (about the climate), the best time to travel to Bali is during the first half of the year, from February to June. Since this is during the dry season, you should not worry about excessive heat or cold. 

When Should You Travel to Bali and Maldives

The Maldives, on the other hand, are an excellent choice for a winter getaway. This is because of their year-round warm climate. You can avoid the clouds and bask in the sun.

Accommodation During Your Travel

Knowing where you will stay during your vacation is crucial to avoid being stranded and having a good time. Let us see where you can stay in Bali.

Where Can You Stay When You Visit Bali?

You can either choose the luxurious accommodation or the budget-friendly. 

Where to Stay When on a Budget?

You can find plenty of hotels to stay in during your vacation which are not expensive. Some of the budget-friendly places include:

Amnaya Resort Nusa Dua
  • Amandaya Canggu: It is located 1.5 km from Berawa Beach and has a terrace and outdoor swimming pool.
  • Chesa Canggu: It is 500 meters from Batu Bolong Beach and has free private parking and a restaurant. 
Chesa Canggu
  • Asri Villas Bingin: It is located within 500 meters of Bingin Beach and 600 meters of Cemongkak Beach.

High-End Accommodations

There are plenty of luxurious accommodations for luxury travelers, and in return, you will get value for your money. Such include:

  • Jumeirah Bali: They provide an authentic taste of the royal treatment.
Jumeirah Bali
  • The Ungasan: It is located on a dramatic clifftop on Bali’s rocky southern peninsula.
  • Alila Villas Uluwatu: Enjoy the spacious rooms, spa pampering, fine dining, and expert hospitality.
Alila Villas Uluwatu
  • Four Seasons Sayan: It is in a jungle setting, hidden behind a jungle canopy and between two sacred rivers. 

Where Can You Stay When You Visit Maldives

Like in Bali, you can opt for the exclusive private villa or a budget-friendly accommodation.

Luxurious Private Island Resorts

Luxury and Maldives go hand in hand. Maldives is known to be among the most luxurious resorts on earth. Here is where you can spend a fortune on your accommodation:

  • Soneva Jani: Famous for 51 overwater private pool villas.
Soneva Jani
Velaa Private Island

Where to Stay When on a Budget?

You don’t have much cash to spend on a luxurious, high-end villa? You need not worry! Several places in the local islands offer affordable accommodation options. The budget-friendly accommodation includes:

  • Kandima: Perfect for Families, Couples, Solo, Activities, and Nightlife.
  • Reethi Beach: Best to go for Honeymoon and Diving.
Reethi Beach

Bali vs Maldives: Where Are You More Safe?

Both the Maldives and Bali are safe places to visit. However, it is important to note:

  • Maldives has low crime rates. This is because most people stay on their private islands. 
  • Compared to Maldives, Bali has a history of pickpocketers, so be careful, especially when in the ATM.
  • It’s not common for violent crimes to occur. 
  • Maldives waters are fairly safe compared to Bali’s.
  • Only the southernmost atolls of the Maldives— Gnaviyani, Seenu, Gaafu Dhaalu, and Gaafu Alifu—are susceptible to earthquakes of magnitude 5 or higher.
  • Compared to Maldives, Bali is prone to many tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes.
Bali vs Maldives: Where Are You More Safe

That is all on safety. We will look at special categories of people and see which island between Bali vs Maldives will be best for them.

Bali or Maldives? Choosing the Suitable Option

There are several things you should consider before choosing your vacation destination. For example:

  • Will you be traveling alone?
  • Will you take your family along?
  • Are you looking for a honeymoon destination?

All these factors will play a role in your final decision. 

Should Couples Visit Maldives or Should They Go to Bali?

For a memorable and romantic vacation, couples can’t go wrong with either Bali or the Maldives:

  • Bali: Explore historic temples and go on thrilling jungle treks in Bali’s West Bali National Park. The island’s indigenous culture is vibrant and welcoming. Bali is an excellent destination if you want to pack a lot of adventure into your vacation.
Bali vs Maldives for couples
  • Maldives: Conversely, the Maldives are the epitome of extravagance, with their five-star resorts and beautiful overwater bungalows offering complete seclusion and tranquility.

Both places are ideal for couples who want to make memories together, whether they choose action and exploration or a quiet retreat.

Where Should Solo Travelers Head To, Bali or Maldives?

Both Bali and the Maldives are great for lone travelers looking for a balance of adventure and relaxation. But I would recommend Bali because there is so much more to see and do there. Solo travelers to Bali may experience the island’s rich culture by:

  • Touring historic temples;
  • Taking in a traditional dance performance;
  • Setting out on an exhilarating jungle hike. 
Bali vs Maldives for solo travelers

The island also has many hostels and guesthouses perfect for those on a tighter budget. On the other hand, in Maldives, the solo traveler may be limited to just water sports and may feel lonely in the secluded private villas.

Which Is a Perfect Family Destination, Bali or Maldives?

Bali and the Maldives are beautiful destinations for families searching for a tropical paradise vacation. Bali is a great place to take the kids because there are so many things to do, like: 

  • Exploring old temples and jungles;
  • Visiting exciting water parks;
  • Relaxing on the beach;
  • The island’s thriving culture also features traditional dances and cultural activities for children to learn about Balinese customs.
Bali vs Maldives for family trip

Luxury resorts in the Maldives are popular among families because they offer big villas and family-friendly facilities like pools and kids’ clubs. Those looking for a hassle-free, all-inclusive resort vacation with their families would do well to consider the Maldives.

Which Is the Perfect Destination for LGBTQ Travelers?

Both destinations do not discriminate against LGBTQ travelers. In Bali, most especially, no one bothers much about whether your partner is male or female. 

Bali vs Maldives for LGBTQ Travelers

Maldives are a bit stricter, considering most follow Islamic culture. However, with time, they have started accepting the LGBTQ community. You should be careful when displaying your affection in public.

Maldives vs Bali: How Much Will It Cost You to Travel?

This is a vital thing to consider before starting your journey. Budget on the amount that you have. So, roughly, how much do you need to travel to Bali or Maldives? Consider the following table.







Air ticket fare



Attraction and transport



Food and drinks









Frequently Asked Questions 

Is It Cheaper to Go to the Maldives or Bali?

Bali is cheaper to go than the Maldives. You can find accommodation in Bali for as low as $20 a night. The food here is also quite affordable. 

Is Bali Close to the Maldives?

Bali is not close to the Maldives. They are 4876 km apart. 

What Is Better Than Bali for a Honeymoon?

Thailand is better than Bali for a honeymoon. What makes it better are the white sandy beaches, which are unrivaled. Thai Islands are the best option to snorkel, fish, or dive. 

Which Is Better, Bali or Mauritius or Maldives?

Bali is better when compared with Mauritius and Maldives. It is ideal for family vacations and lovers to spend their honeymoon.


Which is the winner in this battle of the tropics, Maldives vs Bali? It all comes down to preferences and the type of traveler you are.

Maldives will be the perfect destination for luxury and a secluded place with romantic vibes to enjoy your honeymoon. It is also ideal if you love water sports, are looking for the best marine life, and are the perfect place to spend your beach holiday.

Conversely, Bali is a perfect vacation destination if you are on a budget and are looking for land-based activities. Bali is ideal for exploration and adventure, visiting with kids and friends, and also if you are looking for Cultural immersion.

The ball is in your court. Now, you can decide whether you’ll go to Bali or Maldives with the help of this article. Please share it with your friends so they may know what the two tropical islands offer.

Bali vs Maldives